PustakMandi is an online platform designed for all the individuals who want to sell their books, whether new or used. Also it is a facility for all the users who want to buy the books which they might not get in other stores or book shops. If someone wants to buy old books, then they can come to our site and look for them. And one can find new books too. All this at one’s doorstep.

List of the people who can use PustakMandi as their Easy Selling option:

  • Students: They can upload their old books for selling at their own price.
  • Professionals: Professionals can sell their notes, or other resource material in the book form.
  • Book Sellers: They can use PustakMandi as an option to expand their Business.
  • Teachers: Can sell their notes, books.
  • Publication Houses: They can sell their books directly at PustakMandi.

List of the people who can use PustakMandi as an Easy Buying Option:

  • All the individuals who need books at a low price.

We have a large variety of Books ,i.e. Text Books, Novels, Fictions, Literature, Granths, Comics, and much more.

Selling Terms & Conditions can be seen here

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