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Vani Prakashani

Hindi, in its present form, is the language that is born in modern times and is a mode of interaction with the modernity of Indian thought and culture. Last three decades have witnessed some serious engineering in the arena of Hindi language and literature. Social scientists of the age have gone till the extent of calling this era as the age of Hindi. Vani Prakashan has been an active force in this revolution and has contributed as a catalyst in the “Hindi boom”.

Dibiya Mein Dhoop ,Shambhu Gupt ,Vani Prakashan,Criticism ,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹371 ₹495
Yoon He…,Akhilesh Kumar Mishra ,Vani Prakashan,Poetry ,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹225 ₹300
Macaulay, Elphinstone Aur Bhartiya Shiksha ,Hariday Kant Dewan, Rama Kant Agnihotri, Arun Chaturvedi, Ved Dan Sudhir, Rajni Dwivedi ,Vani Prakashan,Education,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹521 ₹695
Hindi Aur Bhartiya Bhasha Sahitya Ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan ,Dr. Ramchhabeela Tripathi ,Vani Prakashan,Criticism ,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹746 ₹995
Chingariyan ,Madhu Dhawan ,Vani Prakashan,Play ,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹596 ₹795
Tadpati Chahten ,Madhu Dhawan ,Vani Prakashan,Novel ,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹169 ₹225
Hindi Kahani Ka Vaicharik Paksh ,Madhu Dhawan ,Vani Prakashan,Interview ,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹225 ₹300
Tamil Putra Kalki ,Madhu Dhawan ,Vani Prakashan,Novel ,Hindi ,Hardcover,2017..
₹319 ₹425
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