Sell on Pustakmandi

Sell on Pustakmandi

PustakMandi is all about people's choice when selling books. Usually everyone wants to sell his books after use or wants to sell new books also. So this is what PustakMandi is all about. Come here and sell your books at the price you want.

Benefits of 'Sell on PustakMandi'

Selling on PustakMandi provides book readers, individuals and  book sellers to do business by sitting at one place. Anyone can list their old books, novels, fictions, comics on the website in any quantity by simply creating an account and adding a seller account to that. PustakMandi provides convenient shopping experience, and a secure payment infrastructure backed by its comprehensive A-to-Z guarantee.

Listing(putting your book on sale) is free at In celebration of the launch of PustakMandi you can enjoy a promotional referral fee and free monthly subscription for the first year.

The major point in selling with PustakMandi is that you don't have to go anywhere to sell your old books. Just List your book. Once it gets ordered, it will be picked up from your address and will be delivered to the buyer. Once it is delivered, money will be transferred to your (seller's) account through payout option in the profile.

High quality images and content provide better customer experience, that in turn, is known to directly impact chances of incremental sales

How it works

It is easy to sell books through PustakMandi following some simple steps:

  1. Register yourself with and make  yourself a Seller.
    • Once you are registered with PustakMandi, you will find the option of becoming a seller.
    • Click on 'New Seller' option and become a seller at (No different account is needed to become a seller).

  2. List your books (new or used) on
    • Once you are registered with PustakMandi as a seller, you can easily list any kind of books with our web based tool provided in your seller profile.

  3. Buyers see your products on
    • Once you list your products on, potential customers across India can see your products.

  4. Customers buy your books.
    • PustakMandi makes buying your books easy for the customers at other end. With trustworthy shopping experience and secure payment infrastructure, we help customers make quick, easy, and worry-free purchase

  5. Books are picked up from seller's location and are delivered to the buyer.
    • Once a book is ordered on, the Seller will be notified.
    • Pickup will be scheduled and the book will be picked from the seller's address.
    • Book will be delivered to the buyer.

  6. Seller receives payment through Pustakmandi.
    • Once the order is complete, Seller can request for payout through his Seller's account.
    • Payment will be processed only if their are no complaints from the buyer.
    • Payout waiting period is 7 days.


To sell on sellers pay the following Fees.

  1. Subscription fees
    • There is no Subscription fees. We don't charge anything to sellers for subscribing.
    • Any user can sell books through Pustakmandi.

  2. Closing Fees
    • Sellers pay fixed closing fee of Rs. 20 on each item sold.

  3. Referral Fees
    • Sellers pay a referral fee of 5% on old books and 5 % on new books on each book sold of all categories. For all books, a percentage of the total sales price that is paid by buyer (including the item price and any shipping or gift-wrap charges) is deducted as referral fee.

PustakMandi Shipping

PustakMandi Shipping is a delivery service for sellers. orders are picked up from the seller's location by an Pustakmandi Logistics delivery associate and delivered to the buyers' location with minimal effort from sellers. Customers get track-able shipments and faster and predictable delivery time. There will not be any cash on delivery option for now.

  • How it works:
    1. You place book for sale on Pustakmandi. You get notified of the order placed via Email, SMS and your seller account.
    2. You schedule the pickup and keep the book packed and ready.
    3. PustakMandi Delivery associate picks up the package from your doorstep.
    4. PustakMandi delivers the package to the customer and notifies you.

Delivery charges are minimal according to the cities.