Pustakmandli is the online shopping store which has extensive collection of the second hand engineering books affiliated to the Mumbai University. Students should no more worry of the out of the stock issues. Pustakmandli serves as the best platform to sell , buy and rent second hand engineering books for all students who are pursuing their degree from Mumbai University.
Pustakmandli serves incredible experience to the students by offering one of its kind platform for buying, selling and leasing second hand engineering books in Pune. Purchasing is not the only option that pustakmandli has to offer to its customers, but you can even sell your engineering books on this portal. All you need to do is upload data of your books on the portal that to free of cost. When someone buys your book you have to shell out to the pustakmandi is the processing fees that is hardly 1% 0r 2% of your total income. If you are book lover and you don’t want to sell your books you can even rent them.
You can buy through the website or by sending a Whatsapp message to 09920865150 .Please visit Pustakmandi and share your valuable reviews and experiences with us.

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