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Publisher: PustakMandi by: Kv Iyer
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Publisher: StoryMirror by: Dr. Minakshi Swamy
About the BookThis novel is an honest attempt at developing harmony between India & Pakistan. This eternal love story is composed of the melodies from Thar. It is a tale of cultures of two great houses of Undivided India. The remains of Moomal’s palace can still be found in Lodrava near Jaisalmer,..
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Publisher: PustakMandi by: Milind Bokil
₹299 ₹399
Publisher: StoryMirror by: Subhash Pant
About the BookThese stories are based on Author’s social, political, economic, and cultural understanding. Going through the stories compiled here one can find the altering truths of the society which in turn are altering human consciousness. Stories here are woven around those tough humans who di..
₹169 ₹225
Publisher: StoryMirror by: Umakant Rout
“STAFF” is a collection of short stories/ fictions ,being titled after the first story of the book . The Ramayana tells everybody about the story of the insisting Boat-man (Rower) carrying Shree Ram across the river Sarayu . That has captured hundreds of crores of Indians as a myth f..
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Sundarikalum Sundaranmarum | സുന്ദരികളും സുന്ദരന്മാരും
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Publisher: PustakMandi by: Uroob
Sundarikalum Sundaranmarum | സുന്ദരികളും സുന്ദരന്മാരും..
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Publisher: PustakMandi by: Ranjit Desai
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Publisher: PustakMandi by: Sukumar Azhikode
₹169 ₹225
Publisher: DIAMOND BOOKS by: Chetan Bhagat
The 3 Mistake Of My Life (Hindi) By CHETAN BHAGAT..
₹132 ₹176
The Good Girl
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Publisher: PustakMandi by: Mary Kubica
The Good Girl..
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The Kind Worth Killing
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Publisher: PustakMandi by: Peter Swanson
The Kind Worth Killing..
₹299 ₹399
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