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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: G Francis Xavier
Now in TamilThis is one of the many inspiring books from the renowned “Motivator” Dr. G. Francis Xavier. Evidently, this harvest of stories has been gleaned from lands he visited and books he read. Xavier, who conducts full-house personal growth courses has brought out this compendium in an intera..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Chetan Bhagat
Now in TamilThe Story of My MarriageA wedding in India is a complex affair that involves more than just the bride and groom - it includes every member of both the families. Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States is the author’s personal account of the challenges that he and his wife faced in convincing their ..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Alice Calaprice, Trevor Lipscombe
Now in TamilAlbert Einstein was named ‘Person of the Century’ and remains one of the most famous scientists in world history. But what was he really like, as a person?This fresh biography of Albert Einstein gives students and general readers a concise, accessible introduction to the life and sci..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Robert T Kiyosaki
Now in TamilAre you wrestling with any of these problems? — You’re struggling along from paycheck to paycheck — You’re earning too little to ever afford your dreams — You’ve got too little stored away to live comfortably in retirement Then this book is for you!If you’re like most of us, your yea..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Ashwani Sharma
New in TamilCHANAKYA was undoubtedly ancient India’s finest political strategist and thinker. But up to this point in time, this political luminary’s views on morality have remained obscure.Chanakya’s brand of wisdom is ageless and immutable. This volume forcefully impress upon one, the need and..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Ashwin Sanghi
Now in TamilThe year is 340 BC. A hunted, haunted Brahmin youth vows revenge for the gruesome murder of his beloved father. Cold, calculating, cruel and armed with a complete absence of accepted morals, he becomes the most powerful political strategist in Bharat and succeeds in uniting a ragged c..
₹188 ₹250
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Radhakrishnan Pillai
Now in TamilChanakya, who lived in 4th Century BC, was a leadership guru par excellence. His ideas on how to identify leaders and groom them to govern a country has been well documented in his book Kautilya’s Arthashastra. This book contains 6000 aphorisms or sutras. In the present book the author..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Robin Sharma
Now In TamilLike the other bestselling books that fueled the worldwide Monk Who Sold His Ferrari phenomenon, Discover Your Destiny is written as a rich and rewarding fable. Readers are introduced to Dar Sanderson, a highly ambitious executive who appears to have it all on the outside but lacks hap..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Robin Sharma
Now In TamilIn the pages of this remarkable book, acclaimed author of the worldwide publishing sensation The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and internationally renowned leadership guru Robin Sharma reveals a simple yet strikingly effective system that shows you how to liberate that natural leadership p..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Chetan Bhagat
Now in TamilFive reasons why Hary, Ryan and Alok’s lives are a complete mess: 1. They’ve messed up their grades big time. 2. Alok and Ryan can’t stop bickering with each other. 3. Hary is smitten with Neha who happens to be his professor’s daughter. 4. As students of IIT, they’re expected to conqu..
₹149 ₹199
Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Ryuho Okawa
Now In TamilThere Is No Such Thing As DefeatLife can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; it seems we are often obstructed by solid rock. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through this rocks. When we practice this way of thinking, we will never feel defeat in our l..
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Publisher: Jaico Books Distributor by: Kautilya
Now in TamilKautilya, also known as Chanakya, is India’s most illustrious political economist of all time. He regarded economic activity as the driving force behind the functioning of any political dispensation. In fact, he went to the extent of saying that revenue should take priority over the ar..
₹169 ₹199
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