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Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Raindrops
This is a handpicked poetry collection by Gaurav 'Chaatak'. *** About the Author: Gaurav 'Chaatak' (Gaurav Gupta) was born to a family of Poets in Ujjain. His father Shri Ramesh Gupta 'Chaatak' was a Hindi Professor, Famous poet of national repute. This lead to his deep interest in Hindi literature ..
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Sakshi
Told with a dual perspective narrative, this is an enthralling story of two forgotten women, Shahzeen and Rafia, who meet in a prison, both criminals but ages apart from one another, with only one similarity: both have been unloved and stranded by everyone throughout life. Their longing for companio..
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Yash Singhania
Have you ever seen A smiling man cry? Of course, you have. You are crying on the inside too. A Cynic's Shadow is a collection of poems that explore the ailments of a melancholic man, whose enticing screams are beautiful when inked...
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Various Authors
A handpicked collection of poems and short stories..
₹150 ₹200
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Geethanjali Dilip || Aakash
Between Moms and Sons" came about as a collaboration of two passionate poets, Aakash Sagar Chouhan and Geethanjali Dilip who started a page on Facebook in the same name. The anthology brings about a " soul connect" of a deep and pure love between a mother and a child which transcends spatial and tem..
₹120 ₹160
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Aswin Shankharan
About the book: Between reality and expectations is a journey of life that lies in a line in between expectations and reality. The emotions, thoughts and impacts of real life situations made to simple poems just by romanticizing and dramatizing the life we live and the world we see. Every poem in t..
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Elwin Dillu
Poetry has an unmatched style of gifting mysterious treasures to humanity. These are mysterious about the way they display meaning; they are treasures because of the value of meaning carried. Being one of those creatures awestruck by the might of a pen, especially when used to produce rhythmic verse..
₹150 ₹200
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Aziz
Broken Verses was born out of brokenness - brokenness of the heart, the soul and that love which died young and tender. We meet love at various crossroads of life, sometimes it lives with us, and sometimes it leaves us. But no matter what, it lives within us. ALWAYS. Every poem in this book is an ex..
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Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Various Authors
Any Man can be a Father...But It takes someone special to be a DAD....!! This Father’s Day dedicate this book to your DAD. A handpicked collection of poems and short stories by RainDrops Company..
₹150 ₹200
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Shalini Samuel
Drizzle Little drops of rain By Shalini Samuel..
₹150 ₹200
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Farzana Zahid
This book is an emotional journey of poems of unrequited love, of longing and loneliness, of melancholic days and sleepless nights, of failed hopes and shattered dreams, of grief and sadness due to betrayal, rejection and failure, of hardships and hatred and also those of love and togetherness, of m..
₹135 ₹180
Publisher: Raindrops Publishing by: Various Poets, Priyanka Raiyani Bose
Handpicked collection of poems from various poets. ..
₹120 ₹160
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