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A Bondage with Freedom

Told with a dual perspective narrative, this is an enthralling story of two forgotten women, Shahzee..


A Cynic's Shadow

Have you ever seen A smiling man cry? Of course, you have. You are crying on the inside too. A Cynic..


A Jar of Half Wishes

A handpicked collection of poems and short stories..

₹200 ₹150

Between Moms & Sons

Between Moms and Sons" came about as a collaboration of two passionate poets, Aakash Sagar Chouhan a..

₹160 ₹120

Between reality and expectations

About the book: Between reality and expectations is a journey of life that lies in a line in betwee..


Breathing Verses.

Poetry has an unmatched style of gifting mysterious treasures to humanity. These are mysterious abou..

₹200 ₹150

Broken Verses

Broken Verses was born out of brokenness - brokenness of the heart, the soul and that love which die..

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Dad’s Darling Daughter

Any Man can be a Father...But It takes someone special to be a DAD....!! This Father’s Day dedicate ..

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Echoes of the Heart

This book is an emotional journey of poems of unrequited love, of longing and loneliness, of melanch..

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For You Mother

Handpicked collection of poems from various poets. ..

₹160 ₹120

From Death to Depth

“From Death to Depth”- based on the title itself, you can tell this is a story that is nothing but a..

₹250 ₹188

Frozen By Choice

How simple it is to dictate your choices to others while how strenuous is the effort to fill in thei..

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Musings of the Stars

Musings of the Stars By Shonali Dey & Bernard D'sa..

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Po’try By Various Authors From RainDrops Company..

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About the book: “Samast” means “All” in Hindi. Written in a mix of simple Hindi and Urdu (with equiv..


Soaked Hues

This book is the product of my curiosities & indulgences. As I peruse these poems again, I c..