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L4 - Liked Loved Left Lost

The story is ordinary with extraordinary emotions and incidents.Through this story Antara want to re..

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A Hundred Little Flames

Sometimes, a journey back is a step forward.When 26-year-old Ayan is sent to live with his grumpy ol..

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Curried Cultures

Indian food is one of the world’s most popular cuisines. Even as it has transformed the contemporary..

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Economic Survey 2016-17, Volume 2

"The Economic Survey is a document which discusses policy initiatives taken by the Government of Ind..

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In Course of True Love

Some say all love stories are the same. A boy meets a girl and they fall in love eventually. But is ..

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It's not how, It's why

About the Book “Be a reason for your success.” We all think to earn a lot of money, a large house to..

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Keeping up with Kaneda

Canada – the land of beautiful lakes, opportunities and umm... scores of desis (aren't we just every..

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Khel Khallas

'Khel Khallas' is all about the mafias of Mumbai and the documented stories of the key characters wh..

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Love, Lust and Everything in Between

Love, Lust and Everything in Between, Varda, Anish V..

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Mission apna-apna

About the Book In the background of the conversion after 1857 by the missionaries, the book portrays..

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Prisoned In Love

About the Book Rayirth Kapoor, nine years ago made his American Dream come true when he got admissi..

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Right Behind You

Right Behind You is a collection of 13 stories that invoke a mix of horrifying experiences. These st..

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Terminal Love

In the mad roller coaster that is Mumbai, two men separated by age, class, and religious faith, find..

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That's how I knew love

About the book Most love stories begin like, boy loves girl and girl eventually falls for the boy. B..

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The Definitive Charles Dickens

Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching and has taught me to understand what your heart ..

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The Lovers: A Novel - Demy (HB) - Aleph

The Lovers: A Novel - Demy (HB) - Aleph,Amitava Kumar,Rupa & Co,,Hardcover,..

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The Om Mala

The OM Mala is a book (and a mala) which explains just one word—OM. OM is one of the shortest Sanskr..

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Toonee the turtle

About the book: There are so many animals to meet in the Marine Life: from seahorses and sea turtles..

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When Love Happens...

"True love never dies. It is redefined every time you feel it. When Nish falls in love, little does ..

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