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51 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World
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Publisher: Rupa & Co by: Kimte Guite
Did you know? • Ice-lollies were invented when a little boy left a glass of soda water out on a chilly night. • Potato chips were the result of a chef wanting to teach an annoying customer a lesson. • And sandwiches were made when an Earl did not want to get his hands dirty while eating. This book i..
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7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfillment - Paperback
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Publisher: Westland by: Swami Mukundananda
"Thoughts and feelings that persist over time harden into an attitude. If you live with an attitude long enough, it becomes second nature—a mindset. The wrong mindset could lead you off the path of contentment, joy, enlightenment. The right one will point you to the road to success, to fulfilment an..
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A House with a Thousand Stories  - Paperback
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Aruni Kashyap
It is 2002 and young Pablo, a city boy who has mostly lived a sheltered and privileged life in Guwahati, is visiting his ancestral village for his aunt’s wedding. This is his second time in Mayong, in rural Assam, since 1998, when he had come for a few days to attend his father’s best friend’s funer..
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A People's History of Heaven - Hardback
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Publisher: Penguin Random House by: Mathangi Subramanian
Heaven is a thirty-year-old slum hidden between brand-new, high-rise apartment buildings and technology incubators in contemporary Bangalore. In this tight-knit community, five girls on the cusp of womanhood-a politically driven graffiti artist; a transgender Christian convert; a blind girl who love..
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A Ticklish Affair
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Publisher: Rupa & Co by: Sunil Kapoor
A Ticklish Affair..
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A Wonder Book of Girls and Boys
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Publisher: Rupa & Co by: Nathaniel Hawthorne
A Wonder Book of Girls and Boys..
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Across the Line - Paperback
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Nayanika Mahtani
When thirteen-year-old Jai accidentally discovers an old diary hidden in his home, little does he know that it is going to lead to an unravelling of dark secrets from the past--unspoken truths that Jai's grandmother has taken a lifetime to forget. Meanwhile, in Rawalpindi, fifteen-year-old Inaya get..
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Advanced Vedic Mat hemati cs
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Publisher: Rupa & Co by: Rajesh Kumar Thakur
About the Book The magic wand of Vedic Mathematics that makes complex problems simple! Vedic Mathematics is an ancient technique consisting of sixteen sutras and sixteen sub-sutras. These sutras are not only important in dealing with simple arithmetic and algebraic concepts but are equally goo..
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Always Be MINE
by: Nehha S Daraad
There is always a story behind every person. Pain alters our personality. There is a reason why they are the way they are...A journey of two hearts. Arjun was a man who had lost his faith in relation. Aakansha believed in living her life fullest. Destiny made them met. They fell for each other. Arju..
Amma, Take Me to Shirdi  - Paperback
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Bhakti Mathur
Join Amma and her boys as they travel to Shirdi, home to one of India's most celebrated saints-Sai Baba. Hear the story of one of the most loved and revered mystics. Walk around the neem tree that gave him shelter. Relish a few moments in Dwarka Mai, the dilapidated mosque that became his home. Visi..
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An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth - A Critical Edition - Hardback
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Publisher: Penguin Random House by: M.K. Gandhi
The most comprehensive introduction to the life of the Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is among the most enigmatic, charismatic, deeply revered and equally reviled figures of the twentieth century. His Autobiography, one of the most widely read and translated Indian books of all time, is a classi..
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An English Made in India
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Publisher: Rupa & Co by: Kalpana Mohan
About the Book In An English Made in India, the author delves into the various aspects of Indian English— as lingua franca, colonial bequest, the language of the elite and those who aspire to elite status. She explores the English language’s earliest influences on Indian languages (and vice ve..
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