PustakMandi is the brand new makeover of online book store in India. It has an unmatched energy and taste for giving one of a kind administrations to its end customers. Consistently, PustakMandi users profit in different ways from discount coupons to gift cards. Likewise, its referral programs, where one gets more discount when one’s companions buy from PustakMandi, continue expanding the measure of discounts offered to the customers. This lone makes the customers more content when they as of now get free books as gift from us. PustakMandi is one of only a handful couple of online discount book store where there are a wide range of books accessible at exceptionally focused costs. One can BUY/SELL/RENT one’s OLD/NEW books at the site which is never substantial on one’s pocket. PustakMandi is one site where one can earn money without contributing a penny with the site. In the event that one offers with PustakMandi, one can offer old or new books alike and pay just 1 to 2% as processing expense and zero book data uploading charges. PustakMandi goes for expanding re-utilization of old books and expanding the recurrence of leasing of books. This is our little stride towards the “Become environmentally viable” mission.

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