PustakMandi is India’s new face of bookstores. It is an online bookshop and the most interesting online books rental library where you can find all types of books including novels, religious books, science books, school textbooks, etc. All this at very affordable rates and with timely deliveries. The PustakMandi team is available 24×7 to cater to your requests to BUY / SELL / RENT books that are OLD / NEW. The team also tries to find for you the books that are not easily available online or in the market; all this at no added cost. You can sell your old books at 1% processing fee and new books at 2% processing fee where there are no additional charges at all for uploading the books’ information for selling. At PustakMandi, we firmly believe that “Customer is King” and we leave no stone unturned to make sure that our king has all the options available in the world of online shopping. Our online books rental library gives our kings the best user experience with hassle-free transactions, different payment methods ranging from online payment through cards / internet banking to cash on delivery using Whatsapp ordering, amazing user interface with little or no waiting time, and our amazing customer care to help you with all your book queries. You can buy using US Dollars or buy using Indian Rupees, and if your favorite books are heavy on the pocket, worry not as you can simply rent them from PustakMandi. Not only that, you can sell your old books here and make money easily. Join us in our venture to change the way India reads. Let’s save time, paper and money. Happy Reading.

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