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Girls Paradise, An Anthology

Girls Paradise, An Anthology is an anthology Published By Arusha Books India. Compiled by Smriti Kum..

₹120 ₹90

A Girl to Remember

In every angel a demon hides,And in every demon, an angel strides.Neel is a self-proclaimed demon,..

₹195 ₹137

A Sip of Love & A Sip of Coffee

How many years did you have to wait to find true love? Avanthika, a love-one-guy-all-through-life ki..

₹140 ₹131

Dad’s Darling Daughter

Any Man can be a Father...But It takes someone special to be a DAD....!! This Father’s Day dedicate ..

₹200 ₹150

Flavors of India

Flavors of India is a collection of sixteen short stories bringing in the wide variety that the coun..

₹195 ₹146

Hot Releases Combo

Combo has 5 upcoming Hot Releases:1. The Monk By Akshay Shroff           &n..

₹890 ₹668

In Love with Shah Rukh Khan - Ebook

Everyone has a dream. It’s just that some dreams get fulfilled and others remain confined in hearts...

₹39 ₹33

KARMA Its Applicability And Relevance In Day-To-Day Life

"Every act is part of the karmic process; bound to have its effect.Karma is considered the all-perva..

₹299 ₹224

Lost Without Her

Inspector Anthony George sets out to avenge his six-year-old daughter who is kidnapped from his own ..

₹195 ₹137

Love is for Life & Beyond

“Love is like a storm. It hits you without a warning and it affects you till your last breath.”Nikhi..

₹195 ₹137


"• On a lazy Sunday afternoon, after a lunch of succulent pork and chilled beer, Andrea settles down..

₹199 ₹149

Perfect Imperfect

Minutes later, a door opened. The vision that appeared at the entrance turned me into a gravestone w..

₹200 ₹170

Sin is the New Love

Ahi is an aspiring publisher and wishes to make it big someday. When her favourite author’s autobiog..

₹195 ₹137