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Bhakti sans Religion - Dilemmas in the Search of One's True Inner Self

There is only one God. Unfortunately he is surrounded by infinite veils of sophisticated lies and su..

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AJAYA : Epic of the Kaurava Clan -ROLL OF THE DICE (Book 1)

THE MAHABHARATA ENDURES AS THE GREAT EPIC OF INDIA. But while Jaya is the story of the Pandavas, tol..

₹349 ₹262

ASURA : Tale of the Vanquished

The epic tale of victory and defeatƒ The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times. The ..

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Lost in the Known

This book is an anthology of short stories; it is about fictional characters who revolutionized thei..

₹125 ₹94

2-Day Diet, The

The 2-Day Diet is the original, clinically proven 5:2 diet to get you slim and healthy, as developed..

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23 the Book: Season I is an eclectic collection of twenty-three short stories that represent a melan..

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365 Meditations For New Mothers

A New Life Together: One Day at a Time Each day of a marriage holds the promise of growth, discovery..

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8: The Game is On

History holds a lot in its pages. But till when can truth be hidden?Neel is a cop investigating the ..

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A Drop (In the Ocean Of Poetry)

This collection of thirty-two poems by the debutante and dynamic Ujwala Borkar, written over the pas..

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Throughout the poems featured in this volume, there flows some unknown and unknowable invisible stre..

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A Swordtail and Other Stories

The weaver of these short stories explores the world of unrealised dreams - from that of a housewif..

₹100 ₹75

A-Z of Hell: Ross Kemp’s How Not to Travel the World

Ross Kemp's fascinating guide of the worst places in the world.Want to know where to discover the ..

₹699 ₹524

Above the Rice Fields of Pilerne: A Tapestry of Life

Set in the tiny village of Pilerne, Bardez, Goa, the three Furtado brothers move to Pilerne from Car..

₹125 ₹94

Accidental Billionaires, The

Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg – an awkward maths prodigy and a painfully shy computer genius –..

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Adventures of the New Cut Gang, The

Benny, Thunderbolt, Bridie, Sharky and the Peretti twins are a mixed bunch of vagabonds and urchins ..

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Adventures of Tintin: The Chapter Book, The

An easy-to-read adaptation of the film for younger readers, featuring gorgeous full colour movie art..

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