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11:11 Sonnets of Silence

As you stroll through the garden of most commonly used English phrases, you are bestowed upon a very..

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A Drop (In the Ocean Of Poetry)

This collection of thirty-two poems by the debutante and dynamic Ujwala Borkar, written over the pas..

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Throughout the poems featured in this volume, there flows some unknown and unknowable invisible stre..

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And then, she said yes!

How does it feel when you get dumped by the person you love the most? How does it feel getting dumpe..

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At UniversityƒAn Anthology of Selected Poems and Short Stories

Heard of ?parents of the NRI who died of starvationƒ brides who have turned into victims of the holl..

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Beyond Poems

This impressive collection of poems, which spans a range of human emotions, oscillates between joy, ..

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Brand New Parachutes

The Anthology Reflects The Existential Yearnings Of A Young Man In Contemporary Social Milieu.Themat..

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Dreamer Lost, Dreamer Found!

Dr. S Yesupatham published a book on poems in 1984, and is a member of the World Poetry Society, a D..

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Fairy Tales: Love, Hate and Hubris

If you caught up with the wolf that hounded little Red Riding Hood, can you image what he would tell..

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Fireworks at Dawn

What happens when love has fled? There are broken pieces, bitter emotions, and a faint hoping agains..

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From Rumblings To Verse

Where were you when the MIG 21 crashed in the fields? What were you doing when crimes were committed..

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From The Silence Within

Madhavi Sood's Poems "From the Silence Within" are expressions of Life and Living in its different s..

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Seema's poems range in their subject including love, romance, history and myth, marking this this bo..

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Life: A Collection of Poems

ñLife: A collection of poemsî is a collection of sixty poems. The poems were written over a span of ..

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Every one dreams. Dreams are an integral part of our lives... without which we would cease to be hum..

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Ode to Dignity

A young Lieutenant goes to break the tragic news of his seniors demise alongside him at war to his w..

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Peonies for Breakfast

Reflections, memories, conversations sum up Peonies for Breakfast. A humble offering which is varied..

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Poetry Writing Made Simple 1 Teacher's Toolbox Series

Yes, indeed, everyone can be a poet! Poetry is not the elusive and impractical exercise most of us t..

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Poetry Writing Made Simple 2 Teacher's Toolbox Series

Poetry captures the wonder of life, in a few wordsƒ it surrounds us, we just know it by different na..

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Promise: A Life

Poetry can be a chaos of movement, a kaleidoscope of words which spill into pattern and move away. W..

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