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Penguin Random House India

Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Srinath Raghavan
South Asia looms large in American foreign policy. Over the past two decades, the United States has invested billions of dollars and thousands of human lives in the region, to seemingly little effect. As Srinath Raghavan reveals in The Most Dangerous Place, this should not surprise us. Although the ..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Anees Salim
Uprooted from a bustling city, the thirteen-year-old protagonist of The Small-town Sea is replanted in his father’s home town where he struggles to cope with his new life. He reluctantly makes friends with Bilal, a boy who lives in the orphanage run by the local mosque. Together, they embark on clan..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Faiqa Mansab
Set in Lahore, This House of Clay and Water explores the lives of two women. Nida, intelligent and lonely, has married into an affluent political family and is desperately searching for meaning in her life, while impulsive, lovely Sasha, from the ordinary middle class, willingly consorts with rich m..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Novoneel Chakraborty
In the biggest casting coup of Bollywood, five top actors are signed up for a movie. As their intertwined personal stories take centre stage, the industry’s underbelly is left exposed for everyone to see. Neel has quit his boring job to cater to his passion of writing. Nivrita, his editor, claims t..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck
Long regarded as the Forbidden Land, Bhutan-or DrukYul, the Land of the Thunder Dragon-is often described as the Last Shangri La. It is still a country of pristine forests, alpine valleys and glacial lakes, rich in rare flora and fauna such as the blue poppy, the golden langur and the red panda. As ..
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