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Penguin Random House India

Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Sanjeev Sanyal
An entertaining and surprising ride through an India you thought you knew Sanjeev Sanyal, bestselling author of Land of the Seven Rivers, returns to enthral readers with a collection of unusual stories. Written with Sanjeev’s trademark flair, the stories crackle with irreverence and wit. In ‘The Tro..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Bulbul Sharma
The tranquillity at the Happy Home for the Aged is shattered when a body is found hanging in the garden. The inhabitants of the home are first perplexed, then decide to come together to solve the murder that has suddenly brought the violence of the world into their Goan arcadia. Each of them-reflect..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Yasser Usman
In the 1970s, Rajesh Khanna achieved the kind of fame that no film star had ever experienced before-or has since. But then he saw it all vanish. They say superstardom destroyed him. But was it something else buried deep in his past? In this riveting biography, award winning journalist Yasser Usman e..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Ruskin Bond
Was this what it was like to be a rock star? Except that pop singers were usually followed by people, not cats.' In the middle of his languid holiday, idle young Ranji stumbles upon assorted musical instruments in the storeroom-first a shrill flute, then a blaring little trumpet and, finally, a too-..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Meena Menon
Meena Menon was The Hindu’s correspondent in Islamabad till she was expelled by the Pakistani authorities in May 2014. In spite of her truncated stay, and the restrictions placed on her movements, Menon managed to write on a range of subjects covering swathes of life in Islamabad. She spoke to peopl..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Ruskin Bond
Adventure is for the adventurous.' Rusty and his friends Pitamber and Popat find adventure in no small measure when they set out to climb a mysterious mountain steeped in legend and superstition. On their way they shelter in a haunted rest house, encounter a tiger and experience a hilarious mule rid..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Abhinav Chandrachud
Based on 114 intriguing interviews with 19 former Chief Justices of India and more than 66 former Judges of the Supreme Court of India, Abhinav Chandrachud opens a window to the life and times of the former judges of India’s highest court of law and in the process opens a window to India’s legal his..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Sharanya Manivannan
When Anjali and I were really little, we were sort of afraid of our grandmother, Ammuchi . . .' Aditya and Anjali love listening to their grandmother's stories, particularly the scary one about the ghost in the tree. But the night their grandmother passes away, all her stories seem to lose their me..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Nandini Nayar
Making and selling sweets day after day is the life of Vishnudas Mithaiwala, the current owner of The Sweet and Spicy Sweetshop. However, when Laddoo appears at his doorstep one night, claiming to be his estranged sister Revati’s son, Vishnu’s life is thrown into confusion. More craziness ensues whe..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Scott Hartley
Scott Hartley first heard the terms 'fuzzy' and 'techie' while studying political science at Stanford University. If you had majored in the humanities or social sciences, you were a fuzzy. If you had majored in the computer sciences, you were a techie. This informal division quietly found its way in..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: K.M. Munshi
The kingdom of Patan is under attack from the army of Avanti. People have fled their villages to seek refuge in the city. Amidst the mounting panic, the arrival of Kaak, a young warrior from Laat, sets in motion a frantic chain of events. The Lord and Master of Gujarat is set four years after The Gl..
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Publisher: Penguin Random House India by: Rabindranath Tagore
A special limited-edition collection of the most beloved works of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, one of the greatest writers of the Indian subcontinent, featuring two classic novels of profound depth and beauty, and Tagore's groundbreaking work of poetry. These classic works have been reissued ..
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