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Brinda Tailor

Brinda Tailor is a 19 years old student, born and brought up in Bharuch, Gujarat. She is currently in second year pursuing Electronics & Communication degree from DDIT. She started writing poems at the age of 15. After realizing her keen interest in writing, she started writing blog, poems, short stories and notes. “A night in paradise” is her first attempt in writing a fictional short story, in that sense it is her literary debut. As her name “Brinda” means “Tulsi”, so is her passion to serve humanity. She is a very chirpy, lovable and caring person. She values her relations with friends and family high above all. Besides writing she is highly passionate about photography and handles the camera very well. Her friends call her camera her “soul mate”. Her love for sports makes her a very good volleyball player. In her spare time she loves listening music to sharpen her creative ability. Her other anthologies as a contributing author are Life sundae, Goofy, 31 sins, Crumpled voices 2 and Catalogue. She is one of the compilers of the anthology Snowflakes of Love.

She can be contacted at : brindatailor@gmail.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/brindatailor

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