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This text is up-to-date, beautifully illustrated, and pedagogically sound for the student. They have provided clear, explicit learning objectives, and more closely integrate the text with its media support materials to provide instructors with an excellent complement to their teaching.Features: ..
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A global workforce. Billions in sales. But, unlike Tesco or BP, few have heard of it. The Cartel is Britain’s biggest drugs organisation: a shadowy network stretching from the freezing, fog-banks of the Mersey to the glittering marinas of Marbella, from the coffee shops of Amsterdam to the tradin..
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The internationally acclaimed sex researchers William H. Masters, Virginia E. Johnson and Robert C. Kolodny produce here for the first time a comprehensive, warm and highly readable survey of their findings. The remarkable range of complexities – biological, psychological and social, make up human s..
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'You know you are in the hands of someone who can tell a story ... fantastic' ZADIE SMITHPak Jun Do knows he is special He knows he must be the son of the master of the orphanage, not so..
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The newest Pentium chip powering PCs and laptops contains 40 million electronic switches packed onto a piece of silicon about the size of a thumbnail. Several years from now, if this incredible shrinking continues, a single chip will hold a billion switches, then a trillion. The logical culminatio..
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