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About Vishwakarma Publications

Vishwakarma Publications is one of Maharashtra’s largest book publishers. Established on 1st July 2012, it is owned by the Vishwakarma Group which is more than 30 years old in existence.

Headquartered in Pune, the company commercial activity includes the publishing of a wide variety of books that covered every sphere of interest including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, children’s literature, biographies, self-help, religion, philosophy, culture, academics and business management.

Vishwakarma Publishing publishes in English, Marathi & Hindi and has a wide distribution network across India.

There is considerable confusion in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). This book aims to remove the same and focuses on managerial aspects of IPR avoiding legal jargon. It has wide coverage of all IPRs- Patents, Industrial Designs, Trademark, Copyright, Geographical Indications, New Pla..
₹319 ₹425
The Vijay Mallya Story is an extraordinarily detailed and lively chronicle of the life of one of India s most celebrated and reviled businessmen Vijay Mallya. His remarkable career spans three decades and is spread across multiple industries. The book covers Mallya s childhood, his relationship with..
₹173 ₹230
Arun Firodia's monograph on urban planning lays out a vision for Smart Cities, putting a much talked about concept into an understandable framework. Pertinently, he focuses on manufacturing cities, the place from where India's wealth will be generated, and where its people can be employed and their ..
₹165 ₹220
How would you like it if the political situations are linked to some movies, songs or artists? If you are a little overwhelmed with the monotony of serious political debates, panel discussions and the screaming and the shouting on national television, here is a book that would offer you a sweet esca..
₹240 ₹320
During this month of devotion and surrender to Lord Vitthala, we are proud to be bringing out Katha Panduranga by Bharat Bhushan. For over five centuries, the "Vithoba" of "Pandharpur" has remained the object of devotion of the people of central India in general and of the Deccan in particular. Vith..
₹75 ₹100
When you pet into business you expect to make it a success. As a prudent business person you need to fit in all the jigsaw pieces, making the whole picture, before entering into business. Identifying what business to be in and what is the right time to enter into business is very important before in..
₹300 ₹400
Logiriddles' has been written to encourage logical thinking, scientific and analytical reasoning among students, young professionals, quiz enthusiasts who want to hone their skills and even retired persons seeking to keep their minds fighting fit. Written by an experienced educator and trainer, the ..
₹113 ₹150
Khandalyachya Ghatasathi is the story of Narayan and his involvement with the laying down and the development of the railway track through the mountains of Sahyadri range near Lonavala in Pune district. The story revolves around the struggles of Narayan at various stages of his life, both personal a..
₹240 ₹320
She was a permanent inhabitant of his dreams… Nikhil can't help being popular with women – perhaps because of his easy, charming and flirtatious ways. But when he meets Saloni, he can look no further. Borne along on their feelings for each other, neither of them is prepared for a separation that mak..
₹150 ₹200
Well-informed parents who take an active part in their child’s health-care can help doctors provide the best possible treatment to their child. Knowledge about your child’s medical problems and their complexities can improve your chances of getting the right treatment for your child. The purpose of ..
₹272 ₹320
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