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About Vishwakarma Publications

Vishwakarma Publications is one of Maharashtra’s largest book publishers. Established on 1st July 2012, it is owned by the Vishwakarma Group which is more than 30 years old in existence.

Headquartered in Pune, the company commercial activity includes the publishing of a wide variety of books that covered every sphere of interest including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, children’s literature, biographies, self-help, religion, philosophy, culture, academics and business management.

Vishwakarma Publishing publishes in English, Marathi & Hindi and has a wide distribution network across India.

The Vijay Mallya Story is an extraordinarily detailed and lively chronicle of the life of one of India s most celebrated and reviled businessmen Vijay Mallya. His remarkable career spans three decades and is spread across multiple industries. The book covers Mallya s childhood, his relationship with..
₹173 ₹230
Have you lost your mind?! Delhi to Mumbai? Is this some sort of a joke? And your work, your family? Chinu, it's time for you to run around a baby, not around cities in these marathons'Miles to Run Before I Sleep is the true story of Sumedha Mahajan, a married, working woman who undertook an extrao..
₹188 ₹250
Adhurya Swapanasaha Gharabaher is the inspirational tale showing the world doesn't end when a relationship or marriage ends. It is a motivational story that shows one how to get back on one's own feet and not only accept but also graciously receive and deal with all the negativity that sets in. ..
₹263 ₹350
An exciting story of GC Retd Dilip Parulkar's escape from the prison of Peshwara in Pakistan after he was captured by Pakistani troops in the war against Pakistan. He is the only officer of the Indian Air Force, who, along with two other IAF officers managed a successful jail..
₹281 ₹375
What are the opportunities and challenges that face a young probationer in the Indian Administrative Services? What does it feel like to be in the midst of developments that have shaped the post-Independence history of our nation? Former Union Home Secretary and Governor of Arunachal Pradesh R.D Pra..
₹469 ₹625
A little boy climbs down the stairs and runs out of his house. Most little ones do that. But this little boy has no one to stop him. He does not have a name. He only has the memory of a story his father has told him over and over again, from the time he was just six months old until his dying day, w..
₹255 ₹340
There’s No Such Thin as a Self-Made Man’ is an autobioraphical account of the Founder Chairman of the Finolex roup. It is an inspirin book on how Mr. Chhabria, without any formal education, started his own business and became the leadin cable manufacturer in the country. This book discusses the natu..
₹180 ₹240
The book Innovation on Two Wheels is about the inspirin journey of the innovative creation and rowth of Luna. It was only because of Arun Firodia that the idea of self-sufficient travellin became a reality in India. In this book, the author has enlisted all the steps Mr. Firodia took towards the suc..
₹63 ₹84
Shivani upta's inspirational tale of overcomin a debilitatin disability, 'No Lookin Back', is now available in . This true-life narrative is an extraordinary testament to courae and the human spirit. Shivani upta is one of India's best-known accessibility consultants and champions the ca..
₹144 ₹192
This book chronicles the life of O.P. Munjal through anecdotes from his professional and personal life. He proved that a people-focused management style could be superior to the process-driven systems of the West. The book is a result of extensive conversations with O.P. Munjal, Hero employees, de..
₹140 ₹186
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