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About Vishwakarma Publications

Vishwakarma Publications is one of Maharashtra’s largest book publishers. Established on 1st July 2012, it is owned by the Vishwakarma Group which is more than 30 years old in existence.

Headquartered in Pune, the company commercial activity includes the publishing of a wide variety of books that covered every sphere of interest including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, children’s literature, biographies, self-help, religion, philosophy, culture, academics and business management.

Vishwakarma Publishing publishes in English, Marathi & Hindi and has a wide distribution network across India.

Logiriddles' has been written to encourage logical thinking, scientific and analytical reasoning among students, young professionals, quiz enthusiasts who want to hone their skills and even retired persons seeking to keep their minds fighting fit. Written by an experienced educator and trainer, the ..
₹113 ₹150
This book of essays by India's former chief of the Intelligence Bureau examines many different situations, events and personalities connected to the country's internal security in the recent past. A must read for those concerned with India's social and national peace and security...
₹225 ₹300
A little boy climbs down the stairs and runs out of his house. Most little ones do that. But this little boy has no one to stop him. He does not have a name. He only has the memory of a story his father has told him over and over again, from the time he was just six months old until his dying day, w..
₹255 ₹340
Apurva Purohit's best sellin book 'Lady, You're Not A Man' is now available for readers. This is a breezy, confident look at how women jule the dual responsibilities of career and home. Apurva is the CEO of Radio City...
₹120 ₹160
Career Planning - After 10th and 12th By Savita Marathe, Non Fiction/Self Help, English, Vishwkarma Publications..
₹213 ₹250
Defying Destiny -Eighteen Inspiring icons Of Pune By N Ram Gopal, Non Fiction/Biography, English, Vishwkarma Publications..
₹225 ₹300
My Children My Teachers - Help Your Children Realize Their True Potential By Sandeep Nair, Non Fiction/Self Help, English, Vishwkarma Publications..
₹170 ₹200
Abol Pravasi By Chitralekha Purandare, Non Fiction/Biography, Marathi, Vishwkarma Publications..
₹225 ₹300
Jaga Vegali Mansa By Nikita Singh, Myshkin Ingawale, Non Fiction/Self Help, Marathi, Vishwkarma Publications..
₹230 ₹270
Chisel's Blows - An Autobiography Of A Muslim Professor's Success In Tolerant India By Dr. S. N. Pathan, Non Fiction/Biography, English, Vishwkarma Publications..
₹188 ₹250
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