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“What is love, if not a passionate heartbreak?”Nothing makes Ishana lose her facade except for the word ‘slut’. When someone slut shames her, she smashes his head and becomes headlines again. She is at the apex of her career but people are not ready to accept her boldness. Her strengths force t..
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True love transforms both "the lover and the loved one". It makes the lover "Leonardo da Vinci" and the loved one "Mona Lisa". Love can be with both 'The animate object or inanimate object'. I fell in love first with an animate object and out of love there arose unsurmountable feelings and ..
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A very disturbed God confides in his friend and confidant Chitragupta that he is considering destroying the world as his best creation the humans are busy fighting, killing, raping, cheating and doing worse. He is in total despair. An agitated Chitragupta tells him to relax and says that t..
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