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What do you do when your one true love is snatched away from you? Do you find a new love? Or do you go on loving? Raj has known aavya since they were kids. It is only now, at the threshold of adulthood that he has woken up to her beauty and grace. He is a dreamer while she is a realist. Together, th..
After moving to the city of dreams Mausami received instant acclaim from her peers. But she had been a slave of her past. Then he came, the rising star! She hated music, he was a musician. She craved for raw endings, he cared for a beginning. She was in her best phase but the worst was yet to happen..
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This is the 1st part (episode) of Wonderfully Broken series, developed by Anuj Kumar and Kevin Missal. Read the excerpt to check out what awaits ahead in this episode... I was already fifteen minutes late when I arrived at the main entrance of the college. I rushed to the hall where I saw Mrs. Sunit..
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Here is the second episode of Wonderfully Broken. Read an excerpt- We finally heaved a sigh of relief watching no one following us. 'Truth or dare', she asked panting. She may take revenge if I chose dare so I should continue with truth. 'What part of women's body, turns you on the most?' she asked ..
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“Are you okay?” I wanted to hug her tight and cover her up from the world. “Let go off me. Why do you care haan? And what did I expect from someone so shallow as you anyway? I can’t believe I invited you home and let you in my life. Whereas all you know is to just maintain this fake status in front ..
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Sitting on the terrace later that night while sharing a smoke between them, Vikram had unabashedly, admitted the admiration for his elder brother. ‘How I look up to you Karan… I know I can be but a mere shadow to you, in fact I am that at least in our parents’ eyes and, believe me, in my own eyes to..
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The day I broke my silence I got many reasons to live. I stand alive today. I apologize to the ones I’ve hurt. I’m proud to be alone, I’m proud to be broken, I’m proud to be depressed and I’m proud to say all that loud because it’s okay to be alone, it’s okay to be lonely but it’s not okay to hide b..
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Imagine that you are walking down an indefinite path. That path is unnamed...that path is abstract. The road leads you towards a treasure. You open the closed treasure that stands untouched in front of you, and suddenly a flash changes the realms around you. Far away in the streets, there's darkness..
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What if your life end up like the lyrics of a song? What would you do? What if all you could think of is about the one you gave your heart to? Would you swing to the 'let's move one side' or wait for your 'magical' moment? Alfisha was a regular happy-go- lucky Delhi girl. The only thing extraordinar..
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Words make our lives and when let to flow in the verses they bring out those emotions and stories left unsaid and unnoticed. Her existence, beautiful as she is, yet tormented more by life. It's her story, the lady in me whose voice seeks to reach out. Her suffering, her pain, her courage, her gain, ..
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