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Dildo in a bin! Who put it in? Embarrassed about mistaking a vibrator for a bomb, Khush and his anti-terror squad go about looking for the owner of the pleasure tool. Khush and Shom have been friends since childhood. In their forties now, they love to swing to latino beats in Mumbai's nightclubs. Sh..
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Terminal cancer patients in the most prestigious hospital of Mumbai are being murdered under the masquerade of natural death. Why would anyone kill poor cancer patients who are anyhow going to breathe their last in some time? Who can benefit from such a heinous act? Why all deaths seem to be natural..
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The Fanatic Four, as one can make out from the title, is a story about four best friends: Vidit, Kishan, Madan and Vikrant. They hate being bookworms like other students in school and always end up getting low grades. But they are happy. This debut novel by a teenager gives a wonderful insight into ..
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Alarge multinational organization named FIELD has a hand in almost every aspect of scientific research . Some public, but mostly confidential, FIELD conducts experiments on a worldwide scale. Two employees are about to find out a massive conspiracy surrounding this mammoth corporation. John Roman an..
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A Hindu king flees the Moghul army and takes refuge in Netidhopani, in Sundar-ban. His son escapes with a Roma Gypsy. The royal riches are buried in the desolate island. Two centuries later a British ship is sunk by Portuguese pirates and treasure looted and buried in the same island. The fierce Kut..
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Lt. Col. Aryan Ved had come a long way from being an orphan in a govenment-run institution. After undergoing some of the most intense and rigorous military training known to man, he is now a member of Black Team One that specialises in hunting down terrorists who threaten Indian soil and citizens. W..
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As Germany grapples with the ignominy of defeat in war, a tender love affair blossoms in Ulma - a tiny, exquisite village untouched by the ravages of war. The chace one-night encounter between Robin and Emily - dubbed by many as the village whore- is so strong and passionate that its memories last ..
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A debut novel 'Alcohol' depicts the realities of human life beyond chocolates, butterflies and cars... The plot evolves around the protagonist's problems and struggles -- of a lonely, long journey, his transition from a negative to positive person and his account of 'the unspoken truth.' The novel f..
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It was packing day, the day after the convocation. Some of the students had left. Others were in the process of leaving. There were tears and hurried goodbyes all around. I was standing at the reception, ready to check out. Priyanka barely looked at me as she passed by. I tried to muster up the cour..
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Kanchana lives in a brothel in some obscure corner of some obscure city. She happens to like a particular customer, but the customer doesn't know nor care about her. However, in him, she finds a perfect confidant. She now writes him letters concerning her condition, her suffering and her broken and ..
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A no-holds-barred account of life in the cut-throat world of large corporations, told in a unique humorous and ironical style. A world where millions are employed and are forever engaged in finding a balance between doing right for the organization and doing right for themselves. The domineering bos..
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Every now and then each one of us thinks of running away. Running away from everything, but we just cannot do it; Darsh goes for it. Though once, secure in his comfort zone, leading a very normal life, working with a multinational company, with a reputable position, and a perfect relationship with h..
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