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Three people died simultaneously in different parts of India, seemingly unrelated but as the investigation progressed the investigators started finding evidences which ultimately not only related these incidents but opened doors to an investigation which was a much larger conspiracy, beyond anyo..
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Ancient India - where Vishvaamitra through Vedic austerities and Yaajnavalkya through Vedantic insight, explored the soaring levels of human consciousness; where Valmiki and Kalidasa created sublime poetry; where Rama and Yudhishthira ruled with an exquisite composite of wisdom, welfare and justice ..
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A first of its kind, this book exalts Aesthetics and Harmony to the levels of Reason-Logic on one hand and Faith-Belief on the other to see the Veda - the Fountainhead of Indian Thought - in a light proper to Veda's own soul. As a consequence, Veda unravels itself to the reader. Kalicharan the autho..
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The PossibilityIs your possibility, An invitation to live the life of your dreams.What if within your heart lay dormant the roadmap of your destiny, your highest potential and ultimate fulfilment?And what would happen if you dared to listen to it and follow?Dr Abhay, a successful surgeon, is about t..
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IF THERE IS ONE BOOK WHICH SPANS GENERATIONS WITH THE COMMON THREAD OF COLLECTIVE WISDOM, IT IS THIS ONE. Nineteen centenarians from different countries and a cross-section of society, share their memoirs, intertwined with the history of their century, as they experienced it. They were ordinary peop..
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There is no man on earth who is not curious as to what happens after his death; what happens to his family; is there life after death; will he take re-birth and if yes, will it be as a man only? Besides, all men are intrigued as to whether they will re-unite with their loved ones in any of their lat..
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When journeying back into the past, from recent times to the ancient, one would find history gradually transform into legend, and legend into myth. This is especially true for a country as complicated and diverse as India. Thus, the ancient histories of its people, the Hindus (a broad term that incl..
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The very basic " what, who, where, when, why and how" template on this elusive, ubiquitous concept called god. This is a book for those who have these questions and many more. To read some of the answers here and ponder a bit. To the blivers, share your feeling for the experiences here. To the unin..
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History has an unsettling effect on religion. Like science, history is fundamentally northing more than a range of theories based on objective evidence. Mythology becomes a byword for a traditions history, and hestoryin the objective sense that we understand it today becomes distorted. Thus through ..
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The mystical East travels half-way round the Earth to meet the West and SKY is born Following in the giant footsteps of Swami Vivekananda and Paramhamsa Yogananda, Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja travels from India to the U.K. Accfompanied by an intimate disciple and the greatest living Bauls, armed with s..
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