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A Child's imagination is an ocean of creativity. It transcends beyond Time, Space and People. Pancham Yadav's world of imagination is beautifully transcribed in his imagery of words and ideas. Each story depicts the beautiful portrayal of characters woven brilliantly into a strange enigmatic effect...
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Nimisha is an ordinary teenager with everybody problems like obsessed to have a good score, hell like strict parents, no late night outs and zero love life.But things start getting exciting when the very handsome Prerit enters her life. Love is in the air. She definitely likes him and wants to fo..
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The Mind works in three modes: i) Self-Realization: The mode in which it understands the conscience of the soul and works accordingly. ii) Over-Ambitious: It listens to the inner voice of the soul but doesn't always follow this. It thinks I may be right for one last time." And then it starts followi..
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"Bordered by land on three sides and the Arabian Sea in the west, the Indian state of Kerala is divided into three geographical regions – the highlands, the midlands, and the lowlands. The cuisine of this fertile land, so rich in nature’s bounty, is linked to the rich influences from both land and s..
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My manager to me, "Your job is to interview 60 size zero south Bombay women over the next few days. Take them out for dinner if you think they are not opening up adequately during your interviews." "Yours Sarcastically" is a 'not-so-diplomatic' take on the life of a 20-something person in contempora..
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In an imaginary town, called Building Buildong lived a pretty woman called Natasha Missy. She is single and lives in this huge house called Gurukul. With Natasha lives her old father Baba as he is fondly called by all. Baba is an old grouch and has become very eccentric when his foot gets gangrene d..
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The old has gone, the new shall come.There is much to do, to see, become.Rapture's song and lover's pain. I am the earth, its wind and rain. The poet, my dears, is born again. Full Circle is a compilation of passages and poetry. Lucid and always rhyming, the verses voice the author's thoughts on lif..
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In 2007, a global financial and economic crisis broke out that shook the world. It spun the globe into a common vortex. Whether it was loss of equiry value or real estate, salary downgrades, job loss or lack of market demand in business, the crisis affected every one, everywhere. The scale of this c..
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Budget Busters is devoted to rendering a highly technical subject user-friendly.Its primary goal is to enhance public awareness and understanding of the details of the budgets,government budgeting and resource allocation. All of us know that money is a volatile commodity. The earning and deployment ..
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Natalie is a 40 something teen therapist living in Sydney, Australia with a bestseller "Teens, Queens and Alpha Bullies" to her credit. It looks as though she has it all - the same husband she fell in love with almost two decades ago, a lovely teenage daughter and a successful career. But what happe..
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