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"Bordered by land on three sides and the Arabian Sea in the west, the Indian state of Kerala is divided into three geographical regions – the highlands, the midlands, and the lowlands. The cuisine of this fertile land, so rich in nature’s bounty, is linked to the rich influences from both land and s..
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All children deserve the best-why not begin with a name? The power of a name has always been prominent in history. Names are not given by chance or accident; they are attached to us according to our needs, though we are rarely aware of this. Each alphabet in a person's name carries a vibration which..
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Palmistry is the cryptic code of life. A soul takes birth with his/her manual of destiny written on the hand. What an intriguing thought! Though we do not remember our past births, probably due to karmic amnesia, our brains store this information, in addition to the blueprint of our present lives. A..
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Renowned Marathi author G A Kulkarni's translanted work, A journey Forever: Iskilaar and Other Stories, is about man's journey for answers to trouling questions after the loss of a loved one or about the search of one's destiny. (Iskilaar, Ahum: My Self, The Spot, Man or Monkey: Dead or Alive) in an..
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