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The book runs on three themes: the fall of Nalanda monastery, Yetis and the ongoing loss of nature. There are wizards, witches and yaksha (nature spirits). The author has used folklore to bind his story around the fall of Nalanda monastery. Humans have left nature in agony and deep suffering. Yetis..
Manu, a commonplace young boy who lived a life just like you and I. He loved to learn the secrets from our ancient scriptures and books. He tried to learn more about the meaning of life and existence. Manu’s life changes one day when a character from Mahabharata appears in front of him in person, wi..
A ghost one day shows up in front of a ten-year-old boy, Arjun, and just like that, his brain is trapped. His parents are unaware and even the doctors seem clueless. This ghost then draws him as a witness to the various crimes in the city. Arjun stands in the media spotlight as he successfully helps..
In the hamlet of Pookkudi in Tamil Nadu, an archaeological team excavates a mysterious statuette of a woman in black granite. The localities seem to know who the woman was, and folklores about her life are well-known and the team too is convinced of these. Yet, Ananthan a young archaeologist in the ..
Shipwrecked, 8-year-old Khokhan ends up on a mysterious island where humans can talk with wild animals and use batons to summon anything they want. Waterfalls freeze at night to let people sleep peacefully; wells glow, barren trees protect one from rain and people fly with the help of special shoes!..
A group of 10 teenagers from New York City are mysteriously teleported from their summer camp to the alternate dimension of Zygorra. They discover the Zygorrans possess supernatural powers stemming from a previous scientific misadventure on planet Earth. The teenagers start developing their own..
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