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Ten-year-old Barsau lives in poverty but is far from being poor. He does not go to a fancy school but learns the best from nature. His domain is not wide, yet the whole earth is his, as he revels in his own adventures under his share of the blue sky above his contented head and the earth under his j..
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Foreign News Reporter Ariana White is a woman on a mission. She interviewed Sebastian Delgado, Premier of San Magellan a country that suddenly struck rich in oil, on the night that he was to announce the country's acceptance to the UN. But soon after she witnessed his murder and got shot herself. Th..
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In the world of love, sex, dating, and marriage, you always envy the man with a girl, till you find your own and then wonder; “If this is what is called a woman – a shouting, moody, crazy being, I would rather have stayed single.” Doesn’t every man believe in this one-liner sincerely? It actually d..
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Globally one word is becoming popular – isolation. But, are we really isolated? We travel in circles from birth to death and vice versa. During this journey, the mind hardly stops thinking and interacting with several visible, as well as invisible characters. ‘Feeling Roots’, is a collection of shor..
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Prefect Love is a love story that revolves around four characters ? Smriti ? an innocent, simple girl who believes in love. Shikhar ? a Casanova, Varun ? an adamant rich brat, who loves possessing attractive things, and beautiful people and finally, Kahshir ? The powerful, stone hearted and blood th..
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This deeply human and beautifully narrated collection of stories is coloured by the many shades of emotion and experience which go to create the mosaic of life. Sometimes blithe and sometimes sorrowful, the stories have as their fabric the spectrum of human intentions which lead to t..
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