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“Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers - powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.”                              &nbs..
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"In the First Of his Series of 3 Books Gian Kumar answers our questions related to spirituality in a simple and seamless manner. From time immemorial, people have searched for definitve responses to questions such as: Who am I? Where do I come from? Does God exist? What is the essence of my relation..
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"The Second Book Of His 3 Volumes Series, is based upon his learnings about life and existence derieved from ancient Indian /philosophy. Spiritualism is defined in the East as the science of higher consciousness and explains Oneness and the harmonious coexistence of Man with the Universe. These page..
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The PossibilityIs your possibility, An invitation to live the life of your dreams.What if within your heart lay dormant the roadmap of your destiny, your highest potential and ultimate fulfilment?And what would happen if you dared to listen to it and follow?Dr Abhay, a successful surgeon, is about t..
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"Gian Kumar Discusses the Power of Oneness in the last book of his 3 - volume series. He deals with this core reality and the struggle imbedded in living lives of duality in the material and technological world. Happiness unhappiness, good-bad, God-Devil - all exist as 'One'. Despite the teachings o..
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"27th October was like a normal weekend. Danica was in Patna with her uncle’s family. Before going for her competitive exam, she had called up her mother (Aarti) who lived in Fatehpur in a joint family. They had a regular conversation and ended the call. Aarti said that she would call Danica after h..
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Smart work begins with hard work™This book is a promising and coveted boon for the people from all walks of life as well as those of any age group, be they students, housewives or professionals.The word LIFEMANSHIP signifies the benign skill in getting the winning edge over others without an iota of..
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In the pell-mell of life, who has not sometimes felt overwhelmed? The mind seems to be in endless churn...leading us in circles of despair, anger and frustration... Where do we turn when we are floundering? The answer lies within. Windmills offers practical and sustainable ways forward through Effec..
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• When nine year old Nissi is suddenly diagnosed with a life threatening illness, her mother’s world crumbles around her. Having already lost her husband, she is left clutching at straws. Support comes from the most unlikely source imaginable. • The joy of long awaited baby Aastha’s birth is mercil..
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This book is an outcome of two decades of spiritual understanding and realisation developed by the author through his dedicated spiritual practices. Although, this book is technically categorized as a ‘Fiction Novel’, the in-depth and digested understanding of ancient text presented in this book is ..
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