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The short stories in the collection blend emotion and introspection. Moments of urgency and sweetness are fully canvassed and explored. The stories draw out and examine the texture of emotional belonging. In "His Curls," a mother suffers the anguish of wondering if her son is a terrorist. The ending..
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Surprises is a delightful collection of short stories, each of them with an unexpected twist at the end! It has a wide variety of stories and has elements of suspense, mystery, comedy, romance, satire and drama. Whether it is a scheming housewife, a crooked politician, a loyal friend, or a loving do..
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ARYAN AHUJA, AN INTELLIGENT LOSER His past lies in books and future in a filthy world of corruption In his dreams, he meets God in exotic locations where some life altering revelations are made. After completing his engineering degree, he gets recruited by a multinational company and is deputed at a..
₹109 ₹145
The life in a city is far from easy for Amit and Jaya. The couple and their little boy Rohan bump into one trouble after another, while labouring through the modern Indian urban grind. From the distress while trying to buy an apartment, to the miseries that accompany the furniture purchased from the..
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What would happen to you, if someone you loved madly left you without giving you a reason? What would you do if your business, which is running smoothly, turns into a bumpy hell ride? And a friend, whom you looked up to, turns his back when you needed him the most? The last resort you look to is you..
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