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Exacting a terrible price, the nuclear apocalypse divided humankind into two - The Mutated. And the Untainted. As child counselors for the United Nations, Josh & Kilia are tasked with telling this horrible truth to tween-agers. Yet forced to lie about their own feelings for each other.Despite th..
Tales of beautiful witches, clever dwarfs, playing cards that go on adventures and places where it actually rain cats and dogs will fascinate children between nine and twelve. These short stories will delight both children asnd young teenagers; a bedtime collection a parent can read out to their lov..
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Kodac lives a normal life, with a nagging sister and a mother hell- bent on disciplining kids. Will his life, he often wonders, be like this forever - dull, lonely, boring? It would not be the case; a change is on the anvil. What would those changes be? And will Kodac be able to accept what fate has..
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Neha Sharma's search for the last land of Atlantis leads her and Atlantologist Nick Halliday on the adventure of their lives. Lemuriaƒ flourishing, vibrant life deep in the dark waters of the Indian Oceanƒ politecs, power- play, treachery and suspense... and a prophecy that sucks Neha right into t..
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Ashoka is an orphaned prince, on the run from the killer of his father, the master of dark arts, Andhkar. Lusting for revenge, he must wait and hide, in search of sanctuary, because he may be next in line. Ashok believed himself to be an ordinary boy till his world overturned when his sister Maya an..
₹188 ₹250
Arindam, the charming but diffident lad who has always played second fiddle, finds himself in a mysterious world embroiled in a power-linked mission to save 'the third world', 'the real world' and 'the land of the unknown'. If evil wins in the third world, it will spell destruction for earth, 'the r..
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The Ancient Book is a fantasy fiction novella that transports the reader into a magical world of Angdom and the gruesome colony of Satan called Lyncastia that is increasing at an alarming rate. A magical dark cloud prepared by Queen Witch Gilda hovers over all the captured territories and has the ab..
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In the kingdom of Dashter, children were playing along streams when there was suddenly a loud crash as a strong, cold wind blew and the light was sucked out causing the people to grope in the dark. Elsewhere, from the quiet town of Ballos, young Princix's life is turned upside down when he wins magi..
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On a winter's night, an old acquaintance arrives at Ava's door, carrying with him the relic of an ancient lineage of the Dian, long thought to have been extinct, of which she is the heir. The world Ava lives in is fractured and only the heir has the power and influence to unify the world. However, t..
₹244 ₹325
What if the religious vision of evolution of humans was not entirely true? What if the holy books, prophets and the historians neglected one small detail that is bound to prove costly? A fragment of the most ancient civilization, surviving till date, is brutally slaughtered in the forests of Brahmap..
₹146 ₹195
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