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A chance meeting in the office elevator, a chance encounter on a hiking trip and a third chance encounter in the office parking lot are enough to make 25 year old Aryan fall head over heels in love with the beautiful, popular, intriguing Tanvi Kapoor. Thwarted by Raghav and Kunal, the two men who ne..
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Do the looks of a person matter in a true relationship? Why does a relationship end? Just because the redundant questions of the society can't be answered? What would you feel when you meet that one person, whom you had left once upon a time, for the sake of his happiness in this ever-judging world,..
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April 13th, 1978. Kartar Singh, an upper caste agriculturist, guns down his newly married daughter Simran and her lower caste husband, for the sake of ‘upholding family honour’.His ex-lover, Sarah Jefferson (a British psychologist) visits him in jail to discover that Kartar has been a victim of ru..
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Naina Oberoi, a rich housewife, believes herself to be free from her shackles and runs to Charikosia to begin a new life. Amrithum Raman, a Forest Office, lives alone in the jungles of Charikosia but is dutiful to a loveless marriage and a family that does not need him. When Naina lands at Amri..
Love is the realizationƒRealization that you two are not bonded to each other..
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Roshan is a dynamic and ambitious youngster who leads a carefree life in college along with his close mates. They're young and crazy. Pranks, fun, love, crushes, infatuation and mystery are all part of their rollercoaster lives. Adventure and humour are their trusted companions until life deals them..
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Every soul has a shadow. Every shadow has a shade. Every shade has a unique spirit.î It is the beginning of life on earth. Life sprouts in the navel of Kausar, a land blessed with beautiful contours and landscapes. As life opens its eyes in the backdrop of silence and darkness, beauty wrapped in mys..
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What's a leterary bhel puri? That's what you get when you mix poems, short stories and essays together in an awesome combination to produce delicious literary goodies. Rose Garden and Mine fields, a unique compilation, promises to elevate you to a higher plane of existence. This work features patrio..
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Ruta, born in a simple, middle-class family, with average looks but an above-average IQ, believes immensely in positive thinking in spite of the odds that life has thrown at her. Deep down in her heart, she knows God has created her for a much bigger purpose in life. Ishika is a rich, beautiful girl..
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Neha Sharma's search for the last land of Atlantis leads her and Atlantologist Nick Halliday on the adventure of their lives. Lemuriaƒ flourishing, vibrant life deep in the dark waters of the Indian Oceanƒ politecs, power- play, treachery and suspense... and a prophecy that sucks Neha right into t..
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