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Wilbur Smith, an insurance agent working in London, gets a call to attend a funeral of a person who he thinks he had met sometime back for some insurance deal. The only apparent relation that he has with the dead man is a common surname. Wilbur attends the ceremony and while coming back, receives a ..
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A young woman's body is found murdered in a suburban flat. The evidence reveals an affair with a married man. To the seasoned police force this is just another routine love triangle affair gone wrong. However, as other evidence comes to light, they are realising that there's more to this crime than ..
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Mankind has eternally been searching for a ruling system. A fable in form and so allegorical in spirit, Jungle Republic: a fable of now, mainly, demystifies democracy. Democracy has evolved as a major substitute to kingship, but this powerful story exposes how the immature democracy has ultimately g..
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"Four friends are on a night out to celebrate the arrival of a brand new car that one of them gets as a gift from his father. In the midnight they stop their car near the only roadside smoke shop on the entire highway. Two of them get off to buy some wine and weed. They return to find one of their f..
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Kartik Mathur, the CBI agent is out to investigate the apparently natural death, of an IIT professor, Akhil Kumar, who died in his sleep due to a heart-attack, which his boss and CBI Director, Bhushan Kumar claimed to be a murder.The twist in the tale, ‘The Secretive Six’ comes, when an uncooked the..
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At the age of just 22, she has skillfully written SEVEN BOOKS, including FIVE NOVELS. All India Radio and popular Indian youth magazine Youth Action conferred on her the title of the ‘Youth Icon’. Honoured in the 28th International Conference of the authors from India and Canada (2015) she became th..
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Her real parents were dead by the time she was five years old. Her grandfather certified her as cursed. A period of fifteen years has passed, raised by adoptive parents, Ananya became a swan from an ugly duckling.And then suddenly one day, she finds herself going through a transformation. Wha..
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As the beating on the door at Senator Vaughn Fletcher’s chamber intensifies, as the deafening, frightening noise of the law enforcement agents converging on all fours escalates, an unforgiving voice commands Nahiossi Griffiths to make an escape from the gory scene of murder and fly down to Amsterdam..
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"One big mansion. Fourteen occupants. Few family secrets. And sinister motives. Bankim, the media baron, is convinced that his life is in danger. He places a call to Ronsher―the most sought after private detective. But before Ronsher could reach,he is found dead in his study.As the investigation beg..
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"She intended love to give everything; she was naive. Then she felt her life listen to her prayers only to be torn away from her beloved by a raging war. This is the classic story of Asya, the wife of a soldier and her encounter with a mysterious figure during her forlorn period which propels this t..
₹206 ₹275
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