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On a hot, humid morning in May 1545, a joint conversion brigade of the Portuguese King and the Pope set out to spread Christ's message of love and compassion, but they leave behind a deathly trail of murder and mayhem. Armed with a monstrous cannon and scores of firearms, the brigade raids Princess ..
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Listen; here is a secret that was made known to me; it was but the breath of a whisper overheard. It was the hour when night visions breed disquiet, as men lie chained by sleep; fear took hold of me, a fit of trembling that thrilled my whole frame, and made every hair bristle. All at once a spirit c..
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The mad house known as Shanti Memorial is a godforsaken home for the country's most dangerously insane, where even the doctors themselves are a little deranged, just like the damn trustees who run that dark and terrifying place.The walls of that man-made hell cannot be breached and its evil is all e..
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He was brilliant and talented. He could have been highly successful at any profession that he chose. The decision was not his to make. Fate chose to make him the master of death. He lost his soul as a teenager and lived on with a ravaged heart. His exceptional talents were sold to the highest bidder..
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