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Blossom Showers is a gripping novel centred on three generations of the Cordelio family, alternating between India's Western Ghats and West Coast. Rex Cordelio, the dispossessed heir of a noble family, makes his fortune and founds his own coffee planting dynasty. He commences a tale of triumph and ..
₹296 ₹395
Missing Varrun is a tale of values and lost affection. It is a love story that connects the picturesque town of Ceuta in the south of Spain, to the dusty by-lanes of Kolkata in India. A story which witnesses a young Spanish girl meeting an Indian boy quite by the twist of fate. Their torrid love aff..
₹188 ₹250
Four shots rang out in the silent darkness - one, two, three ... and four. Four lives are taken in a moment. This is witnessed by three children: fifteen-year-old Ram and his two younger siblings. They see their parents, grandfather and brother Gaurav die in front of them. Ram also sees the face of..
₹113 ₹150
Based on multicultural experience set in a significant point in modern history, this novel starts with a scene in Heidelberg, in the then West Germany. Siddhartha, or Sid, an exchange student from India studying at the university, explores the progress made by the post-WW II German society, often co..
₹98 ₹130
Four friends - Siddharth, Surya, Swetha and Imran - in their early twenties from different social and economic backgrounds and with different ideologies, live in the metropolis of Hyderabad. Siddharth, frustrated with the way the world is, constantly questions the basis of the existing systems of th..
₹71 ₹95
If a man is pushed over the cliff of oppression, will he learn to fly or will he fall into a pit? When violence in one's environment is a greater enemy than any other, what does a person do to survive? Must they resist the temptation of falling in with the bad crowd or settle differences by way of w..
₹146 ₹195
Blissed Out' is a fascinating novel about the search of a woman for her true identity. Taking the reader through the UK, US, Aotearoa, which is now New Zealand, and India, it highlights the struggles of the Maori people for their self- determination. Helen is caught unawares in this struggle but bec..
₹259 ₹345
Parul and Reeti - the best of friends. Theirs is a friendship born during childhood and grows with time. While their friendship was not perfect, it sustained in spite of Parul's questionable personality. Every friendship faces life's ordeals. Theirs was challenged by Arjun. Parul, who has faced a nu..
₹221 ₹295
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