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Kabir , a son of a businessman, wants to create a new concept of “neo-patriotism”. He knows how to stand between life and death. In numerous occasions he fights with death. But how long death will allow him to play with his own life? Rubina wants to uphold the flag of the female Muslim poets. In ..
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The emblem of the book is about dreams, dreams, dreams. The dreamer has a royal relation with the lord and sometimes, they schmooze.The dreamer is conditioned to go stage after stage, to a stage, burgeoning his dreams on the Joyous stage The dreamer is emotionally beaten, by his exploiting ..
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Decoding the Metaphor Mahabharata,Diwaker Ikshit Srivastava,Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd,Paperback,9789352010004,,,..
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The Other Side,Satyakam Gautam,Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd,Paperback,9789352019632,,,..
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Selene - A Poem,Mallikarjun B. Mulimani,Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd,Paperback,9789352019854,,,..
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Sonali, a Content Head at a corporate in New Delhi, struggles to get her life in order. At work, she battles gossip-mongers, rivals and deadlines, while at home, she placates two demanding children and an increasingly estranged husband. Things change when Karan, the new – and charming – Marketing He..
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