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I travel, therefore I am - apologies to Descartes for twisting his noble thought. This is how M.P. Probhakaran explains his passion for travel. In terms of academic qualifications, he has a Ph. D. in Political Science from a prestigious university in America. But his greatest learning experience ca..
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As the hours ticked by on May 16, 2009, the picture became clear. India's ruling UPA coalition had won an unexpected majority. Soon the pundits on TV screens called it the 'collective wisdom' of the electorate in favour of stability, socio- economic development and secularism and a rejection of ide..
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Jai, an orphaned teen, is possibly the youngest shooter for hire in the Mumbai underworld. In this netherworld of violence and hopelessness, Jai finds love in the kohl-lined eyes of Juliet, who was sold into slavery to the most dangerous man in town. They make a mad dash for freedom and in this mayh..
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Can you really be in love with two people at the same time?17-year-old, Punekar Sujay is a simple, religious guy who belongs to a family for whom prestige and one's image in the society are of utmost importance. For his orthodox family, concepts like love, attraction and (god forbid!) girlfriends do..
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"It was the most turbulent period in Indian history. The sonorous slogan, Simon, go back! reverberated through the political corridors of a rising nation. The historic Dandi March had its soulful impact on millions of common people as Mahatma Gandhi gave the clarion call to ‘Do or die’. But even as ..
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What if what you thought all your life to be your zodiac sign was Wrong? People who think they are Arians, could actually have their Sun in Pisces. More than three quarters of the world's population have been assuming the wrong zodiac sign. Can 12 types capture the mind-boggling diversity of persona..
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Kerala is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world, but surprisingly few travelogues exist on Kerala, and evenless on rail travel in the state. In this unique travel story, the magic of train travel combines with the beauty of the landwhile capturing a wide and varied cast of ch..
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This is the story of two unbranded persons in this so-called branded generation. It is an unforgettable story about the essentials of humankind, the real brands which make a person pure and willing to listen to his inner voice. Here, in this story, we chronicle the love story that Rishi and Kavya sh..
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Henry Ashford works as a top virologist and toxicologist at his office facility. He has a good life in the suburbs; a loving wife and friendly neighbors. Deciding to take some time off, he plans a surprise vacation for him and his wife to Rome. Tragedy strikes as Henry’s life is completely turned a..
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In this work, a fine needle with a strong thread runs through politics, death, love, parallel universes, poems, a new style of campaigning for elections, and its results. This is not a book about ethics and morality in politics, but only about how reality rules supreme over both. Truth is, it is som..
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