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The prevalance of Diabetes has steadily increased in the last half century and is expected to continue spreading. In the US alone, it is estimated that over 16 million people suffer from Diabetes and another 5.4 million are not even aware of having it. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder when the human..
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Our bodies use cholesterol (a waxy, fatlike substance that is naturally present in cell walls or membranes), to produce many hormones, vitamin D, and the bile acids, that help to digest fat. High cholesterol does not cause symptoms by itself. Instead, it is a risk factor. High cholesterol levels in ..
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Allergies are abnormal reactions to ordinarily harmless substance. The sensitizing substances, called allergens, may be inhaled, swallowed, or come into contact with the skin. Allergens that most frequently cause problems are: pollens, mold spores, house dust mites, animal danders, foods, insect bit..
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This book is not based on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It re-acquaints you with the simple, real and inexpensive facts and truths which have always existed - but which have been complicated and twisted by Man. This volume is based on the simple concepts that have transformed hundreds of pe..
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This handy little book is a rapid ready-reckoner on Asthma. While it is mainly for asthamatics, it is also an essential leaning tool for parents and teachers who care for children with Asthma, as well as for those who work in professions or environments that make them vulnerable. Pithy and clear, th..
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NO RIGHT ANSWERS is a practical management guide for developing your subordinates, building winning teams and developing capabilities to become an inspirational leader in the workplace. This compelling narrative takes you on a riveting journey to discover simple alternatives for resolving human rela..
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Lonely at the Top is about leaders and the challenges they face as they walk alone. This edited anthology contains the reflections of a seasoned Mentor, on the leadership dilemmas of the CEO in a turbulent and unpredictably changing world. With examples and experiences, the author indicates, sometim..
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der deutsche sommer' is a memoir of a young Indian student of DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst or German Academic Exchange Service) who travels to Germany under a student exchange programme. The memoir captures his experience as a student who is travelling abroad on his own for the firs..
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DEAR MISTER BOLLYWOOD is a letter to the most famous man in India, Shah Rukh Khan. This letter spins off into Rina's life story of her struggle to survive and her hunger to succeed, but not at any price. Rina is set to make it big her way, without compromising on her principles. She won't sell her s..
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Habshi comes back to his village in Punjab on a vacation and finds his school trunk in the store room. As he opens the trunk and goes through the contents, he relives the memories of the seven years at Sainik School Kapurthala, or Saikap. The book is essentially a collection of memories, of adolesce..
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