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He closed his eyes and went into a trance and said, "I can feel it; you are here without a belief that I can help you." Santhoshi is woken up one morning and rushed into the frenzy of an arranged marriage. It's not a pleasant surprise, she knew it would happen. But the suddenness of it all makes her..
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College friends are actually a unique breed; they insult each other, they pull each other's leg, they push each other into the most awkward situations, but they can do anything to help friends. They are missed and remembered throughout the life. This story has been written to recall the most beautif..
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What should be a city's Vision Plan? How should a Region and City development plan be prepared? What is the impact of ïliberalization' and policies like the establishment of Special Economic Zones? Can a sustainable development model be evolved in a city? Should slums be redeveloped or remodelled? A..
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Plato extolled the Philosopher-King as the ideal of rulers. In today's context, the world needs Philosopher-Managers and Philosopher- Counsellors to deal with the crises of modernity at the organisational and individual levels. With this as its central theme, Philosophy in Management and Counselling..
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What ails Mother Earth? The answer can be found in the propensities of Man, her most gifted, but alas, also her most prodigal son. The world today may look to be the oyster to modern Man, with his faculties of creativity, inventiveness and enterprise. But looks are deceptive. Man has harnessed scien..
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The most powerful Multi National Corporation in the world, Nowhere Corp. is based in the illustrious city Milky Way, the financial capital of the tropical Anyland, one of the mighty nations of the world in the year 2019. Having prospered under the aegis of its CEO, a once celebrated Army General - a..
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In the turbulent backdrop of India’s struggle for freedom in British India, destiny brings together Raju, a young Indian aspiring to be a revolutionary and Eileen, the teenage daughter of a British officer. Will their relationship survive the societal pressures, cultural divide, and the political tu..
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The short stories in the collection blend emotion and introspection. Moments of urgency and sweetness are fully canvassed and explored. The stories draw out and examine the texture of emotional belonging. In "His Curls," a mother suffers the anguish of wondering if her son is a terrorist. The ending..
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Surprises is a delightful collection of short stories, each of them with an unexpected twist at the end! It has a wide variety of stories and has elements of suspense, mystery, comedy, romance, satire and drama. Whether it is a scheming housewife, a crooked politician, a loyal friend, or a loving do..
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