A dysfunctional writer, a hyperbole consultant, a Bollywood smitten driver and an over the top myste..
₹349 ₹297
Mumbai, the Maximum City! Three close friends Pia, Deepti and Anushka find themselves targeted by a ..
₹225 ₹180
Devraj Singh Kalsi has woven an intricate tale of fortitude in the time of loss. The three protagoni..
₹399 ₹319
Tiasha: I am very annoyed.Aakaash: That’s your job, Tiasha. Good that you are doing it well.Tiasha: ..
₹175 ₹119
History holds a lot in its pages. But till when can truth be hidden?Neel is a cop investigating the ..
₹175 ₹119
Sparkling and zesty with a dash of green, a Virgin Mojito is a unique blend up and Ira is one lucky ..
₹195 ₹133
Wasn't it destined for Aliya and her daughter? Mrs Khan, an educated upcoming young lady from a trad..
₹199 ₹179
The master devil Lord Ketu has arrived on Earth with a mission: a mission to lead the planet to its ..
₹275 ₹220
Introduction 'Us', what does it mean? Many think of it as a collective consciousness. But only the w..
₹199 ₹169
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