1. Can I(buyer) buy only old books at PustakMandi?
Ans. No, PustakMandi sells both new and used books.

2. Can I(buyer) sell new books here?
Ans. If you are not a publisher and want to sell new books, you can create a seller account and upload your books with old or new tag accordingly. All the seller’s terms & conditions will be followed.

3. Is creating a buyer account mandatory for buying books at PustakMandi?
Ans. No, you can buy using guest checkout. But, we advise account creation for frequent usage.

4. What if I(buyer) am unhappy with a delivered book’s condition and wish to return it?
Ans. You will have to raise a return/replace request within 6 hours of delivery. PustakMandi has a return policy that varies with the category of the books.

5. What are the ways of payment?
Ans. Buyers and sellers can use the PustakMandi e-wallet. Also, PustakMandi provides payment modes like Netbanking, Credit cards, Debit cards and various Reward-programs.

6. Where do I report grievances or seek information?
Ans. You can mail PustakMandi team at wecare or info.

7. What factors decide the book’s total price?
Ans. The publisher and other sellers solely decide for what amount they wish to sell the book. PustakMandi and its shipping partner decide the shipping charges for different locations. No other charges are to be paid by the buyer. Also if the book is old, charges may vary from 50% to 70% of MRP.

8. How much will I earn as a seller?
Ans. The seller gets his quoted amount minus deductions for listing charge and referral fee as applicable. Kindly visit ‘Sell on PustakMandi‘ for more clarifications.

9. Can interested publishers contact PustakMandi?
Ans. Yes, publishers can reach the PustakMandi team at business to discuss deals.

10. Am I eligible for reward points?
Ans. Yes, you can earn reward points on purchase of books having specified reward points. PustakMandi has a rewarding scheme for regular customers.

11. Can I get refund for Novels?

Ans. No, you will get a replacement for Novels in case you are not happy with the condition of the books.

12. Do you charge for Subscription?

Ans. No, you can subscribe and create buyer/seller accounts at PustakMandi for free.

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