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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Tamanna C
The way the Universe works is not only strange but also miraculous and magical. It's always out there to watch our backs in any given situation. It's a myth that we need to go through problems or pain in order to grow as a soul. Soul-growth is a by-product of just being aware of what the Universe is..
₹112 ₹149
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Sudipto Roy Choudhury
It is 1974 and friends aniket, Nazrul and Lopa, all very gifted North Indian classical singers trained at the Marris School of Music in Lucknow, have no inkling that in a couple of decades, they'll be going through bittersweet reunion in Ithaca, New York of all places. Aniket and his friends, leadin..
₹120 ₹160
Publisher: OpenCrayons by: Nupur Swarup Goyal, Nainshree Goyal
When you know life is complicate, when you know life is uncertain, so many questions pop up and emotions mess them all. The experiences of life are valuable and impart wisdom which has been brought to you through this book. It’s a non fictional book sharing our experiences. It deals with confl..
₹83 ₹110
Publisher: OpenCrayons by: Shreeyash Yende
Junctures of life will provide one an insight of the life. The stages that one faces in his/her course of life are being revealed in this book with a hope that one visualises the life and lives it to the fullest..
₹45 ₹60
Publisher: Humming Publication Llp by: Atul Deepak Tawade
‘Untitled’ is a story about a few people who start off as strangers to each other. They come together in the prime period of their life, college life. Each one of them is a thread. In course of time, these threads are woven together to form a fabric and the memories they create as ‘the gang’ is th..
₹90 ₹120
Publisher: The Write Place by: Dr Sonal Chaturvedi
“You breathe in, you breathe out; the times are not gone, but reborn” Melisa lost her close friend of twenty years - Ana. But her memory was not all that was left with Melisa. Ana had left her a few handwritten pages. Pages that had memories of the life that she knew nothing of, confessions that..
₹67 ₹89
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Sunil Mimani
How would you like it.. if you, your bedroom & 5 minutes, were to be the utter-all you would need to stay tummy-toned-&-core-fit for the rest of your life! Valuable for all ages, this book will prove to be a goldmine for perennially - busy young men-&-women of the modern-era!..
₹90 ₹120
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