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Publisher: OpenCrayons by: Rhea Kapoor
This book is a beautiful collection of poems written by a 12 yr old. It is her imagination from the perception of a child. Each poem shows her feelings, capabilities and her emotions...
₹74 ₹99
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Dhruvi Joshi
“The only superman I know is my dad!”It is not a story about prince and princesses. It’s neithera fairytale nor a fantasy. It’s a real life story; a story ofdetermination, endurance and hard work. A story ofinspiration and about inspiring others. It’s a story of amarathoner. A story of a p..
₹74 ₹99
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Shiny Thomas
I had a friend Siva Rama Krishnan; I used to call him Siva. He came from the South and I am from the East. He was my collegue, partner and my best friend. We were together for more than a decade. Siva was a gem of a person, kind-hearted in his dealing with people around him. Three Gods are always w..
₹74 ₹99
Publisher: OpenCrayons by: Dr Ushy Mohan Das
A collection of quotations, simple and relevant to modern life, translated into writing. Ideas gathered over experiences and human interactions have been conveyed concisely with humor and inspiration, representing both wit and wisdom. A dash of humor, to keep the healthy circuit that generates ..
₹149 ₹199
Publisher: The Write Place by: Samah
The Beauty of love is that it can happen anywhere, anytime.Sometimes that's also its tragedy... Nikhil, a 29 year-old UK-returened proffessional has found the perfect bride. The girl is young, beautifull, well-educated and independent. She is also willing to move with him to Dubai, where he'll be ba..
₹113 ₹150
Publisher: The Write Place by: G Ravindran
Re-Enterprise. A timely alert to the world of business.Re-Enterprise, the book, is a stop-look-proceed caution-sign to business leaders to 'consciously' let their business BE an enterprise or deliberately BECOME an organisation. Without indulging in word-smithy or getting judgemental, the Author h..
₹338 ₹450
Publisher: Spenta Multimedia by: Sunil Mishra
This Book is a collection of fifty pieces – 27 poems and 23 essays. The essays largely serve as explanatory notes for their respective poems – the ones which require some explanation. The poems cover almost all the key concepts of Science and Math, which we studied in our schools and some of them, d..
₹74 ₹98
Publisher: OpenCrayons by: Suhail Sayed
Learning made easy with and joy, for kids as well as their parents...
₹38 ₹50
Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed - E Book
-25 % Out Of Stock
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Narayanan Palani
If you are a software testing professional, a developer, or a student looking forward to get a job in software industry, this book will help in creating automation test scripts for your web applications, this is the right guide for you! As a prerequisite, a basic knowledge in programming languages a..
₹188 ₹250
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Dr S Chakraverty
When a woman’s life needs to be embodied, her essence needs to be defined, we come upon SRIJANA. It is the story of a woman in the true sense of the term “prakriti” or the womb; the creator of beings. But when such creation succumbs to the dark side of existence it is this very creative energy that d..
₹135 ₹180
Publisher: BSC Publication by: Surendranath Lahari
Paapu, a mischievous boy studying in the seventh standard is having a hard time trying to be a good student at school. He finds it equally hard to be a good little boy at home. The result is a riot of fun and laughter as Paapu and his friends cope with the demands of being well-mannered and well-beh..
₹90 ₹120
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Pinky Acharya
Life's beautiful moments are all around us, if only one stops enough to notice. A random gesture of compassion has the power to reverberate multifold between a pair of strangers, a teacher's passion to fulfil her unsung duties goes a long way to mould a child's personality, a poor carpenter travell..
₹74 ₹99
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