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Publisher: Authors' Ink Publications by: Ajitabha Bose
Everyone has a dream. It’s just that some dreams get fulfilled and others remain confined in hearts.Aanya was a small town girl and Vivaan was a flirt. Life takes a different turn when love brought them together.She had a dream of meeting Shah Rukh Khan. He promised to fulfill it.What lies ahead?Whe..
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It Happened Like This - E Book
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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Suraksha
Sr. Margaret an Irish nun, Zarine a young Parsi widow and Hema a South Indian working woman cross paths at a time when trials and tribulations are aplenty in their lives. Set in newly independent India, the story traces their lives which interesect and forge a bond that helps each one discover bea..
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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Ishan Mathur
This is not a love story. There is no ‘boy-meets-girl’ or a ‘happily ever-after’. It’s not like anything that you’ve read. In this story, Apples – a young, ambitious reporter makes her living writing about the most infamous musician. She praises him, adores him, adulates him, and finally has the cha..
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Publisher: The Write Place by: Arvind Parashar
Can he live up to the promise he made to his wife? The young Indian pursued his education in journalism from Moscow and went to Afghanistan for his Persian Love. He was offered to be engaged as an illegal spy, but for good reasons by his Russian Professor. It all seemed normal and well-intentioned, ..
₹149 ₹199
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Sanjay Gora
Author Sanjay Gora is a Gold-medallist in journalism course, but he did not join the journalism profession. His PG Diploma in Human Resource Management did not improve his people management skills as a reading of this book would reveal to you. Nor did he put his Masters course in English language t..
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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Kajal Jaiswal
Life is to Love is the Book which explains the meaning of life, and importance of love in one's life. Naina is a reserved type of girl, and because of her homely matters, she has locked her heart for everyone, and has restricted herself only to her work and nothing else. She is of thought that she c..
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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Gayathri Thakoor
Nothing could compare with the racy, unexpected, edge of the seat adventures in those nine months of her life. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, having so many 'adrenaline-rush' experiences and making sure her rebellious streak became the expected norm, Navya knew her story could giv..
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by: Lata Tejeshwar
Mai Sakshi...... Is Dharti Ki By Lata Tejeshwar, Hindi Poems..
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Publisher: OpenCrayons by: Shivam Bisen
Kehta hai mohabbat bas ek ehsaas hai, ek chetna hai, jo kab kis se ho jae koi nhi janta, jo na umar, dharm, rang ya aese kisi bhi cheez ki mohataz hoti hai, jo bas ho jati hai.Ek ladki ko dekha tha, jana tha or usse mohabbat ho gai thi, kai nai chetnao ne jaise achanak se mere dil me janam l..
₹67 ₹89
Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Baldev Bhatia
In Astrology, the planetary transits are important to understand the effects of planets on an individual at a given moment. Transiting of a planet means movement of that planet from one sign to another, and from one constellation to another. If the influence is good, it brings good or positive chang..
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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Virendra Shahaney
On July 20, 1969, two significant events occurred in this world. The first one took place on a distant rock called Moon as Neil Armstrong an American astronaut set his country’s flag on it. The second event happened inside the head of a little boy in Bihar, India. He pictured an Indian tricolor on t..
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Publisher: BecomeShakespeare by: Piyush Arora
There once was a boy named Aman of a mere 13 years of age. He may have been just a child, but his mind sprung into action like an adult at the sight of her. He actually falls in love in the 8th standard, but before he could utter a word to her, she was gone. That was my childhood love story – o..
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