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"Amrit" Wisdom Of Mahavtar Babaji In The Words Of Guruji Naushir - E Book

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, which means immortal. Amrit - the book in your hand is a work..

₹180 ₹135

5 Soul Searching Short Stories - E Book

Five stories with five critical messages on life… Five situations with the protagonist making a deci..

₹75 ₹56

A Lovely Peotic World - E Book

Expressing feelings through poems, motivating people to have an affirmative thinking in their lives..

₹50 ₹38

Aasha- the Inspiration - E Book

Aasha – the Inspiration is the journey of Jyoti Priya Malvankar, a Marathi girl born and educated in..

₹99 ₹74

Adventures Of Jenny And John - E Book

Jenny and John are twins in early teens, who are keen to serve the humanity, are adventurous, and bl..

₹79 ₹59

An Intimate Dance Of A Pair Of Hands - E Book

This book is a glimpse of the mystery and beauty of life with all the nuances of romance, love praye..

₹189 ₹142

Between The Union Jack And The Rising Sun: Damsels, Knights, And Knaves - E Book

This novel interweaves three stories set in the Asian theatre of WWII in the fertile crescent stretc..

₹199 ₹149

Bhrigusutra-An Ancient Asset Of India - E Book

After the incident of testing trinity in my life, I have decided to edit this famous manuscript of M..

₹180 ₹135

Big Dream Of A Small Town - E Book

Big Dream of a Small Town' is a love story at its core and an inspiring journey of an entrepreneur ..

₹99 ₹74

Boundless Adventures - E Book

Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy... a lot of things to wonder, a lot of things to ponder. Do you know, how ..

₹81 ₹61

Business As Usual - E Book

How far would you go, sacrificing your love and happiness, just to honour a commitment? How far woul..

₹150 ₹113

Colors of Life EBook

“Colors of Life” is a collection of 13 stories which were selected via an online short story contest..

₹19 ₹14

Conquering Parkinson's Disease - E Book

How would you react if you were told you had contracted an incurable illness? Scared? Angry? Upset? ..

₹60 ₹45

Diamonds - From the Mine of Mind "कुछ हीरे मन की खान से” - E Book

Like my last publication, “Diamonds from the Mine of Mind”- "कुछ हीरे मन की खान से” is also a unique..

₹150 ₹113

Dronacharya At The Workplace And Other Short Stories - E Book

Do you have a Dronacharya around you at the workplace? Will you take a risk like Abhimanyu? Should y..

₹149 ₹112

Dry Tears Of Love - E Book

“Dry Tears of Love” is a love story about ‘love at first sight’. Two unknown people from different c..

₹109 ₹82

First Job & Ten Mistakes - E Book

"Credit Cards are your advance salary and not additional Salary." "Avoid SpEaR, adopt ESS" "Loan for..

₹45 ₹34

Flower In The Dust - E Book

Chameli, Chandani & Suresh are the true faces of the teeming millions of our society in whichaban..

₹200 ₹150

Forever Your Dad - E Book

"Forever Your Dad" is a heart rending story that spans different times and worlds. The protagonist G..

₹99 ₹74