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A TEXTBOOK OF ALGAE to the students of Botany pursuing B.Sc.(Gen.) B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. and related fields like Medical Botany, Pharmacy, Agricultural Botany and Horticulture. The book is amply illustrated with examples and includes several general topics like structure and reproduction of algae, lif..
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A Textbook of Applied Physics, Vol I, 2ed
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This book is intended to serve as a textbook of applied physics/Physics paper of the undergraduate students of B.E., B.Tech and B.Sc. Exhaustive treatment of topics in optics, mechanics, relativistic mechanics, laser, optical fibres and holography have been included. Physics is best learnt by concep..
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This book is meant to serve as a textbook of Physics for the undergraduate students of science and engineering. Exhausted treatment of topics in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, nuclear physics, electromagnetic theory, X-rays production, properties and applications and ultrasonics and accou..
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The book contains economic botany related 14 units regarding origins, domestication, dispersal and classification of cultivated crops; all about cereals (contains millets and pseudo-cereals); pulse crops; sugars, starches and cellulose products; spices and condiments; beverages, fumitories and masti..
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This book addresses key topics related to the broad subject of “Environmental Chemistry”. The book tries to present the topics that are essential to understand the chemical process in our environment—involving air,, water, and soil. Chapters that are very much current such as environmental nuclear c..
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Textbook of Pharmaceutical Mircobiology is meant for B. Pharmacy curriculum of this book is essential for pharmacy student because relevance in pharmaceutical industry, particularly in manufacture of parenteral products, ophthalmic products, vaccines, etc. and their aseptic processing and sterilizat..
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Advanced Engineering Mathematics
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The text broadly divided in seven sections contains 26 chapters. The text covers topics on solid geometry, infinite series, differential and integral calculus, matrices, vector calculus, ordinary differential equations, special functions and Laplace transforms, complex analysis, Fourier analysis, pa..
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A sequel to Understanding MATLAB: a Textbook for Beginners, which has been published earlier, this book is an advanced-level guide to MATLAB with a number of applications in science and engineering. There are a number of solved problems from all important areas of science and engineering to give eno..
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Advanced Internet Technology and E-commerce is a thorough and practical guide for developing Internet applications and e-commerce solutions. The handbook provides the required knowledge and skills in advanced Internet technologies particularly related to server-side Internet programming and business..
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Advanced Mathematics-I is a comprehensive text for the students of engineering and technology with polytechnic background. This book provides an exhaustive understanding of mathematics. The subject is made easier with the help of numerous review questions and well graded question banks. The topics i..
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