PustakMandi‬ derives from 2 Indian words : Pustak and Mandi. Pustak means “A Book” and Mandi means “A Market”. So, the words combine to form PustakMandi that means a market for books. With this unique name in mind and a vision to improve the reading habits of people in India, #‎PustakMandi‬ was founded in 2015 by a group of Engineers. They had a desire to give a new twist to online shopping, by bringing old books in the limelight. With the team’s tremendous efforts, its website www.pustakmandi.com grew into an ALL INDIA platform where one could buy and sell books – old or new. A place where even one’s "old books" could make one good money. #‎PustakMandi‬ kept users and books as its priority and provided all kinds of services that would serve the greater need of the customer. The customer should not have to step out of his home, no matter he was buying or selling, no matter his books were old or new. This service was made available across the Nation with a dream to do the same across the world one day. To make people give due value to their old books and increase utilization of the rich knowledge in our books was at the heart of PustakMandi’s goals. #‎PustakMandi‬ cherished books and it cherished knowledge. The world is a place where variety thrives. So, how can one ignore variety when it comes to the world’s reading preferences? This thinking led #‎PustakMandi‬ to add various categories for its books like Bestsellers, Travel, Education, Fiction, Comics etc to keep up the good work of providing its users the variety they deserved. And this variety came with an added icing on the cake, i.e. Security. #‎PustakMandi‬ made great efforts to make sure its users stayed tension free while they shopped from #‎PustakMandi‬. The online shopping experience was not just made hassle free but it was made as secure as secure could be. And to make sure the customers stayed and stayed with a smile on their faces, #‎PustakMandi‬ gave the facility to replace books in case of genuine quality issues, the facility of fast delivery and reward points for its regular customers. So, these were the few steps in the Journey of #‎PustakMandi‬. And, it still has a long way to go. Come join our journey and cherish books with us. www.pustakmandi.com