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Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Moksha is a new interdisciplinary Hindu astrological work in the spiritual spheres of Dharma and Moksha – exemplified through the life and Moksha of Sri Ramana Maharshi.The book throws new light on the nature of Moksha, the necessary and sufficient conditions for its occurren..
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“Simply watch everything going on without attempting to change it in any way, without judging it, without calling it good or bad. Just watch it. That is the essential process of meditation.”Alan Watts became famous first as a brilliant intellectual and then as a serious student of Buddhism and ..
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This long-awaited second book by renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle provides a “going deeper” into the teaching already so eloquently and clearly expressed in his first book The Power of Now. Although the teaching takes on new depth, added dimensions and specific focuses, it is even easier to ..
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“In simple language, it shows how to gain an inner awareness which brings peace, uniting us to each other and to the whole universe. Its most valuable lesson is that a practical spirituality is possible within everyone’s daily activities, including the pursuit of a successful career.”– Fr. Lancy P..
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“Long ago, I learnt to live with reality, to accept it, to appreciate it. The trouble with gangsters is that they continue believing in fiction.”Medals or stripes proclaiming your designation are of little consequence when you are cornered by a hardened criminal. Viewed from this perspective alone..
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Lessons for all humankind from the Upanishads The greatness of the Upanishads lies in the fact that many of the passages appearing in them find mention in the Bhagavad Gita – the very essence of Indian thought and wisdom renowned the world over. Of the 108 Upanishads recognised and accepted as gen..
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“The purpose of life is to be happy.”– His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Voices from the HeartIs man a slave to circumstances? The modern sage believes that there is a way to circumvent, or bring about a positive ..
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The universal love song sung by Lord Krishna to humankindFor more than 5000 years, The Bhagavad Gita has shown millions of people how to fill their lives with serenity and love.In these pages, Jack Hawley now reveals its ancient secrets, in a beautiful version, to every Indian and Western seeke..
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This book is a simple, step-by-step investigation into what constitutes ‘daily living’, and what it is that we seek most in life. It shows the way to true happiness through peace of mind.Gautam Sachdeva first visited the Advaita sage Ramesh Balsekar in February 2000, and has been attending his tal..
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The Easiest and Most Complete Guide to Astrology EverThe easiest way to learn astrology is to start with yourself. Your astrological birth chart is a powerful tool for gaining a deeper understanding of your unique gifts, talents, challenges, and life’s purpose. As you begin to decipher the wealth ..
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