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Publisher: Wiley by: B. Somanathan Nair; S.R. Deepa; C.Unni
·General Procedures Used in Experiments / _x000D_ ·V-I Characteristics of Electronic Devices_x000D_ ·Rectifier Circuits_x000D_ ·R-C Coupled Amplifiers_x000D_ ·Negative-Feedback Amplifiers_x000D_ ·Sinusoidal Oscillators_x000D_ ·Wave-Shaping Circuits_x000D_ ·Multivibrators_x000D_ ·Voltage Sweep Genera..
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Publisher: Wiley by: Harish Mittal; Vinay Kumar Goyal; Deepak Kumar Goyal
Section 1: Sets_x000D_ ·Relations and Functions_x000D_ ·Techniques of Counting_x000D_ ·Partial Ordering Relations_x000D_ ·Discrete Probability_x000D_ Section 2: Recurrence Relations_x000D_ ·Logic_x000D_ Section 3: Lattices_x000D_ ·Boolean Algebra_x000D_ Section 4: Graph Theory_x000D_ ·Trees_x000D_ ·..
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Publisher: Wiley by: H.S. Ravikumar Patil; H.K. Makari; H. Gurumurthy; S.V. Sowmya
·Skeletal System_x000D_ ·Nervous System_x000D_ ·Respiratory System_x000D_ ·Circulatory System_x000D_ ·Endocrine System_x000D_ ·Reproductive System_x000D_ ·Digestive System_x000D_ ·Excretory System..
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Publisher: Wiley by: Munendra Mohan Varshney; Asif Husain
·Physical Chemical Factors and Biological Properties_x000D_ ·Autonomic Nervous System Cholinergic Drugs and Adrenergic Agents_x000D_ ·General Anaesthetics_x000D_ ·Local Anaesthetics_x000D_ ·Sedative and Hypnotics_x000D_ ·Opioid Analgesics_x000D_ ·Anticonvulsant Agents_x000D_ ·Antiparkinsonism Agents..
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Publisher: Wiley by: Rini Chakrabarti, Shilbhadra Dasgupta
This book provides a systematic approach with an in-depth analysis of advanced database areas as well as the basics of database management systems. It explores the different normalization techniques starting from the very basic first normal form and extends up to sixth normal form. The theme of this..
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Publisher: Wiley by: Dr. Bijoy Kundu
Chapter 1 Cell Signaling and Diseases _x000D_ 1.1 Introduction _x000D_ 1.2 Chemical messengers _x000D_ 1.3 Signal Transduction_x000D_ 1.4 Effectors_x000D_ 1.5 Signal Transduction modulators as Drugs _x000D_ 1.6 Intercellular (Between-Cells) Signaling_x000D_ 1.7 Homeostasis Regulated by Signaling Pat..
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Publisher: Wiley by: Patrick Lencioni
परिचय आख्यायिका भाग एक: परिस्थिति भाग दो: मूल्यांकन भाग तीन: खोज भाग चार: कार्यान्वयन भाग पांच: संकेतक मॉडल एक आदर्श टीम प्लेयर के तीन गुण तीन गुणों को परिभाषित करना मॉडल का इतिहास आदर्श टीम प्लेयर मॉडल अनुप्रयोग आदर्श टीम प्लेयर के मॉडल को एक टीम की पांच दष्क्रियाशील गतिविधियों से संबद्ध करना अं..
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Publisher: Wiley by: R.K. Sharma; S.P.S. Sangha
·General Introduction_x000D_ ·pH and Buffers_x000D_ ·Spectrophotometry_x000D_ ·Centrifugation and Cell Fractionation_x000D_ ·Chromatography_x000D_ ·Carbohydrates_x000D_ ·Lipids_x000D_ ·Amino Acids and Proteins_x000D_ ·Nucleic Acids_x000D_ ·Electrophoresis_x000D_ ·Immunology_x000D_ ·Enzymes_x000D_ ·M..
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Publisher: Wiley by: John Paul Mueller
Python is a remarkably powerful and dynamic programming language that's used in a wide variety of application domains. Some of its key distinguishing features include a very clear, readable syntax, strong introspection capabilities, intuitive object orientation, and natural expression of procedural ..
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Publisher: Wiley by: Ajay Kumar; Abhishek Awasthi
·Bioseparation Engineering: An Overview _x000D_ ·Cell Disruption _x000D_ ·Filtration _x000D_ ·Centrifugation _x000D_ ·Product Isolation _x000D_ ·Precipitation _x000D_ ·Chromatography _x000D_ ·Electrophoresis _x000D_ ·Membrane Separations _x000D_ ·Drying _x000D_ ·Crystallization _x000D_ ·Finished Goo..
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Publisher: Wiley by: K. Balaji; A.V.S. Raghavaiah; K.N. Jayaveera
·Introduction _x000D_ ·Statistical Investigation _x000D_ ·Frequency Distribution _x000D_ ·Diagramatic Representation of Data _x000D_ ·Graphical Representation of Data _x000D_ ·Measures of Central Tendency _x000D_ ·Measures of Dispersion _x000D_ ·Correlation Analysis _x000D_ ·Regression Analysis _x00..
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Publisher: Wiley by: Ambadas Tulajadas Choudhari; Arshad Sarfarz Ariff; Sham M R
Dedication _x000D_ Foreword _x000D_ Preface _x000D_ About the Authors _x000D_ Acknowledgements _x000D_ Chapter 1 Introduction _x000D_ 1.1 Introduction _x000D_ 1.2 Scenarios _x000D_ 1.3 Challenges Articulated _x000D_ 1.4 What is Blockchain? _x000D_ 1.5 Blockchain Characteristics _x000D_ 1.6 Oppor..
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